Current Students

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Resources and Services

CSUN offers a multitude of academic resources and student services to help you connect, grow and thrive. Explore all these campus community opportunities below.

Academic Resources

Special Advising Centers

The following centers serve specific student groups:

Class Enrollment/Registration Resources

  • Enrollment Programs – Opportunities to study at other CSU campuses, throughout the U.S. and abroad through programs supported by the California State University, including the CSU Fully-Online Courses program.
  • How-To Guides – Tutorials and tips for navigating transactions in myNorthridge Portal and the SOLAR Student Center
  • Late Add-Drop Classes – Late Registration/Schedule Adjustment rules, dates, procedures and forms.
  • Registration Calendar – Key enrollment dates organized by category (class start date, wait-listing, permission numbers, etc.). Print-friendly PDF available.
  • Registration Planner – Generate all possible schedule combinations for the classes you select, save favorites and send a desired schedule to your enrollment cart.
  • Student Academic Calendar – Chronological list of dates for registration, transcript availability, bachelor’s graduation, and holidays. Filters and RSS feed available.

CSUN Campaigns for Student Success

  • Matadors Forward – Resources and updates for the current health situation, academics, student life and more. "Moving forward together." 
  • Matadors Rising Student Success Resources –Comprehensive list of resources organized by category, including learning resources, campus resources, health and safety, involvement opportunities, and more.
  • Mentoring Opportunities –A great way to help student peers as a mentor or to transition to CSUN as a mentee. Mentors are committed to sharing experiences, motivating fellow students and helping them set goals and move toward them.
  • Mentoring and Peer Programs at CSUN: A-Z – Yes, there’s more than one mentoring program on campus! Dozens are listed for the Matador Momentum campaign to enable, support, and accelerate first-year student success.
  • Student Engagement and Support – A wide variety of student academic and support services and the offices that provide them. Each resource is explained clearly.
  • Student Life and Support - Services, resources and events on campus and virtual

CSUN with A HEART (Basic Needs)

Find resources for food, professional clothing, housing, financial support, well-being and communities of support at CSUN.

Graduate Student Resources

Information Technology

Money Matters

  • Financial Aid Resources– You don’t need to be a financial aid recipient to benefit from these short videos about paying for college, financial know-how webinars, and a handbook of federal higher education tax benefits, to name a few.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships for Special Groups– Know your options for paying for college based on your student group. Includes financial aid plans for CSU Study Abroad (CSUIP), National Student Exchange (NSE), student veterans and more.
  • Scholarships– At last count, 47 scholarship programs and opportunities were available through CSUN campus awards, many colleges and academic departments, and the systemwide CSU Foundation. Check out the off-campus scholarships, too.
  • Student Finance / University Cash Services– Find tuition and other fee costs, the fee payment schedule/deadlines, how to allow a parent/guardian to pay your tuition and other fees online, and more. Look for the print-friendly Important Fee Payment Requirements (.pdf) each semester.

Student Life and Well Being