YOU@CSUN is a comprehensive online well-being platform intended to enhance student mental health, physical wellness, happiness, and academic success, and to connect students to information, campus resources, peers, and opportunities. It looks at students holistically and is intended to provide students access to a wealth of content and campus resources across 3 domains:

  • Succeed: academics, career path, learning style, and leadership
  • Thrive: personal well-being including physical and mental health
  • Matter: purpose, community, and social connections


Watch the 1-minute video to see what YOU offers students.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Create a New Account or Log in with your CSUN ID and password.
  2. Create Your Profile.
  3. Take the Self Checks.
  4. Explore all the tools, videos, and resources, personalized just for you. (Helpful Hint: the more Self Checks you take, the more personalized these resources are for YOU!)


Q: What kinds of tools, videos, and resources does the platform have?
A: There are hundreds of online educational tools, videos, evidence-based short articles, fact sheets and tips, and new resources are regularly added. For example, students can now find and utilize resources to support them during COVID-19 such as well-being (e.g., science-based strategies to cope with Coronavirus anxiety, social connections while physical distancing, etc.) and academic success (e.g., getting the most out of online classes, how to be productive when studying from home, etc.).

Q: What are the benefits of using YOU@CSUN?
A: You can connect with YOU@CSUN on your laptop, tablet, or phone, at a time that is convenient for YOU! It is available 24/7/365. The platform personalizes the unique needs of students and provides opportunities to check in with yourself, set goals, explore strengths and areas for growth. It connects students to specific campus resources and relevant educational tools, videos, and resources within the YOU platform, to support your goals to Succeed, Thrive, and Matter.

Q: What are Self Checks?
A: Self Checks are brief online quizzes in each of the 3 domains (Succeed, Thrive, and Matter). These areas are related to your academic, physical, and mental well-being. Once you complete the series of questions in each Self Check, you’ll be provided with a snapshot of identified strengths and areas you might benefit from focusing a bit more on, as well as related resources. As you progress through your college experience, you can re-take the quizzes any time you like to see how you’re doing in each of the 3 domains.

Q: How can I track my goals?
A: You can select "Goals" to create goals for yourself. You can explore and utilize ready-made goals for each of the 3 domains of Succeed, Thrive, and Matter, or you can create your own goals. Each of the 3 domains have subcategories to help narrow down your goals. For example, in the domain of Thrive, there are subcategories on well-being, health, de-stress, sleep, and fitness and nutrition.

Q: Are my personal information and responses confidential?
A: Yes! Your personal information and responses are confidential to protect privacy. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.