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    There’s Still Time to Take Summer Classes

  • Record-Setting CSUN Commencement 2017

    Record-Setting CSUN Commencement 2017

  • Graduation Profiles in Perseverance

    Graduation Profiles in Perseverance

  • CSUN Partners to Develop On-Campus Hotel

    CSUN Partners to Develop On-Campus Hotel

  • Recognizing Excellence at Honors Convocation

    Recognizing CSUN's Outstanding Graduates

  • Announcing VPAC’s 2017-18 Season

    Announcing VPAC’s 2017-18 Season

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Alvaro CastilloMatador Alvaro Castillo Receives Scholarship from Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators

The Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators (AHSIE) has selected California State University, Northridge graduate student Alvaro Castillo as one of three winners nationwide of the alliance’s Seed to Tree Student Scholarship. Continue reading about Alvaro Castillo.

Geography Club members testing drones.CSUN Geography Students Take to the Sky to Better Study the Ground

The concept of unmanned vehicles and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), known today as drones, was born out of the 1898 invention of the wireless-controlled boat by Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s invention helped pave the way for drone technology, which over the years has evolved in military use and beyond the battlefield. Continue reading about the Geography Club.

Avery and Bridget Anderson.Andersons Make Education a Family Affair

It used to be that graduate students were often pegged as scholars so entombed in their studies and their campus libraries, they rarely saw the light of the day. There was usually not time for a family or children or even a social life. Continue reading about Avery and Bridget Anderson.

Student athletes Excelling in the Classroom and on the Field of Play

Sometimes it’s easy to look at college athletes draining three-pointers, smashing forehands and gliding across the soccer field and forget that they go to class, work on papers, participate in group projects and study for finals just like the rest of the nearly 40,000 students at California State University, Northridge. But when commencement ceremonies take place May 19-22, there will be plenty of reminders of student-athletes getting recognized for the classroom portion of their college days. Continue reading about CSUN student athletes.


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