• An person of color putting on a voter pin that has the year 2020 with patriotic colors.

    Discrimination Deciding Factor for Latino Voters

  • Sea Snails and barnacle on a rock.

    Climate Change's Toll on Sea Life

  • Two scuba divers examining coral.

    Making Corals Vulnerable

  • Tataviam band members singing.

    'Still here:' CSUN & Fernandeño Tataviam Band

  • Person using a computer with Zoom meeting window on screen joined by a pet dog.

    Laboratory of the Future

  • Female student looking through microscope.

    Sequencing Ancient Human Chromosomes

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IT Alert: SSL Certificate Renewal for Eduroam - Effective October 22, 2020

On October 22nd at 7:00 a.m., the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for the Eduroam Wi-Fi network will be renewed. Once in place, users on campus connecting to Eduroam on their computers or mobile devices will receive a pop-up message asking them to accept the new SSL certificate. Once accepted, the certificate will be renewed for the year and no other action is required.



A sticker with an American flag and quote saying; I voted. Efforts to Block the Vote Concern CSUN Poly Sci Professor

Requiring witness signatures on mail-in ballots. Needing government-issued photo identification to vote. Limiting mailed ballot drop-off locations to one per county. These and other moves by state governments to limit voting have California State University, Northridge political science professor Boris Ricks concerned that the country will see some of the most concerted efforts of voter suppression since the 1960s. Continue reading about how the Efforts to Block voting Concerns CSUN Poly Sci Professor.

Freddy Krueger. Matadors Haunt These Spine-Tingling Halloween Movies and Shows

Matadors have cooked up plenty of hair-raising cinematic brews in their cauldrons over the years, from the large to small screen, perfect for this spooky season or any time of year. CSUN students and alumni in the entertainment industry have poured their skills and talents into acting, producing, visual effects, art direction and more in some of horror’s creepiest movies and TV shows — including actors in some of the genre’s most iconic films. Continue reading about the Matadors Haunt Movies and Shows.

Voting locations booklet. CSUN to Host LA County Vote Center for General Election

California State University, Northridge will be home to one of the 1,000 vote centers across Los Angeles County that are open to the county’s voters in the days before the Nov. 3 presidential election.The CSUN site will be open for 11 days — from Saturday, Oct. 24, through Tuesday, Nov. 3. The CSUN vote center will be located in Redwood Hall Room 160 (The Activities Center) on the east side of the campus near Zelzah Avenue and Plummer Street. Continue reading about how CSUN Hosts the LA County Voting Center.

The side of a building wall with the name of Manzanita Hall. Hollywood Foreign Press Gives CSUN $80,000 to Support Film Students

While the announcement did not take place in a star-studded ballroom of a Beverly Hills hotel, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has awarded California State University, Northridge a total $80,000 to support the university’s film students, with $20,000 specifically designated to help students adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.The announcement was made during a virtual star-studded celebration on Oct. 13. Actress Anna Kendrick announced grants awarded to CSUN. Continue reading about how the Hollywood Foreign Press Supports Film Students.

A button pin that says @#%*!. @#%*! New Linguistics Course Studies Forbidden Language

It’s not every day that a college student gets assigned to watch comedian George Carlin’s landmark 1972 monologue, “The Seven Dirty Words You Can Never Say on Television.” But in CSUN linguistics professor Kenneth Luna’s course, it’s required viewing. The new fall 2020 course, Linguistics 230: Forbidden Language: Swearing and Taboo Language, takes an academic dive into the meaning, role and use of words typically considered obscene, foul or taboo in the English language. Continue reading about the Linguistics Course that Studies Forbidden Languages.

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