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Advising Resource Center/EOP Mission Statement

The ADVISING RESOURCE CENTER/EOP exists to provide EOP students and Exploratory students at California State University, Northridge support services and a holistic approach to guiding student decision-making and development through a mentoring approach to advisement and career development. We provide students with the opportunity to:

• By providing advisement (peer advisor mentors & professional) and advocacy for students to aid in successful matriculation during their academic career;
• providing personal support during the students transition to a college;
• providing appropriate referrals to students; and
• promoting, guiding and supporting the overall academic, personal and career development of Exploratory students.

• By providing an array of student support services and advisement in a caring environment; 
• fostering community and mentoring experiences;
• helping students connect to the appropriate programs/departments (major); and,
• providing students with ample opportunities for self exploration through career development.

• By creating opportunities for students to choose a major.

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