Matador Momentum (TEMP TITLE)

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    Matador Momentum

About Matador Momentum


Matador Momentum is a campus-wide working group that champions equitable student success. Our goal is to support the CSUN community through strategic projects that encourage and motivate our students.

Join Matador Momentum

If you'd like to join us, this is your invitation to do so. Contact Cheryl Spector, Helen Heinrich, Susanna Eng-Ziskin, or Patrick Bailey.  Membership is open to all interested CSUN students, staff, and faculty members.

Current Team Members and History

Team Members (updated April 2020)

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  • Abramowitz, Karen: Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction and Tutoring, Learning Resource Center
  • Aston, Christopher: Assistant Director, Student Involvement and Development
  • Bailey, Patrick: Executive Director, Associated Students
  • Briggs, Marlon James: Counselor, University Counseling Services
  • Campbell, Dylan:  Graduate Student  
  • Dalferes, Nyla: Associate Director, Career Center
  • Danis, Gabrielle ("Gabby"): Program Coordinator, Student Involvement and Development
  • Dube, Sangita: Academic Advisor, Kinesiology Department
  • Eng-Ziskin, Susanna: Chair, Research, Instruction, & Outreach Services Department, Oviatt Library
  • Espinoza-Guzman, Christina: Office of the Dean, Graduation and Retention Advising Specialist, College of Science and Mathematics
  • Fabricant, Autumn: Lecturer, Academic First Year Experiences & Education; Instructor, Upward Bound
  • Feyk-Miney, Ryan: Research Coordinator, Office of Institutional Research
  • Fitch, Emily: Graduation and Retention Specialist, Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • >Gauthier, Brandon: Graduate Student
  • Greco, Cynthia: Senior Coordinator, Office of Student Success
  • Heinrich, Helen: Director, Data and Analytics, Academic Technology
  • Kellenberger, Anne: Writing Programs Coordinator, Learning Resource Center
  • Kroeker, Kelly: Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Academic First Year Experiences
  • Kurland, Michael: Office of the Dean, Graduation and Retention Specialist, Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication
  • > Lyons, Lonni: Graduate Student, Educational Psychology and Counseling, Counseling and Student Services Option 
  • McDermott, Gael: Hub Operations Specialist, Matador Advising Hub
  • Mercado, Debbi: Assistant Coordinator, Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam; Lecturer, English and Academic First Year Experiences
  • Morejon, Carol: Graduate Student and Lead Engaged Student Intern for the Office of Community Engagement
  • Poloskov, Elizabeth: Staff Psychologist, University Counseling Services
  • Spector, Cheryl: Special Assistant, Academic First Year Experiences; Professor, English Department
  • Spector, Rebecca: Study Abroad & National Student Exchange Advisor, International and Exchange Student Center
  • Stevens, Mark: Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
  • Stranzl, Frank W.: Associate Director, Employee Development and Communications


November 2015: Matador Momentum was formed at the direction of President Dianne Harrison when the campus applied to participate in Re-imagining the First Year of College, an initiative directed by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASC&U).

December 2015: CSUN was selected along with 43 other institutions

February 2016: the four Matador Momentum team leaders attended the kick-off conference at AASC&U in Austin, TX, which included a galvanizing plenary addresses by Tristan Denley on "choice paralysis" and David Yeager on sources of psychological friction.

July 2018: AASC&U marked the end of the national First Year Experience initiative.

Ongoing: with support from Dr. William Watkins, VP of Student Affairs, Matador Momentum has found a continuing CSUN home as part of the Student Retention and Graduation Committee.