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Learning Resource Center feedback

"The tutor was very patient and she helped me get a better understanding of the subject. She made me feel confident that I will pass my statistics quiz." [Alaina – Statistics]


"Very knowledgeable about the subject and helped me with easier ways to remember formulas and concepts. I will be back next week!" [Brian – Price Theory and Applications]


"First time being here this semester and it was great. Thank you." [Cameron - Chemistry]


"The tutor was very friendly, and was ready, willing and able to help me and I was very appreciative of that." [Ellen – Business Calculus]


"She's able to help me understand the material; she's great! Thank you Helen!" [Helen – Statistics]


"Kenndrick saved my life. His thinking helped me grasp the subject." [Kenndrick – Calculus for Life Sciences I]


“He helped us understand all the questions we had and anything we were confused about. Excellent knowledge of the subject. Also, encouraging about the material, advising us not to stress and overthink too much.” [Michael - Chemistry]


"I really understood everything, and I feel confident." [Peter – Religious Studies]


"Very patient and fluent." [Victor – Political Science]


 “I absolutely love Amanda and Allison! They never make you feel stupid or unable to do math. They make you understand the "WHY." "Why" is the overall important “hey” to math! They both do an amazing job teaching! Will always request Amanda &/or Allison.” [Amanda & Allison – Statistics]



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