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Learning Resource Center Feedback

 “Helps you understand the material and clears up any doubts you may have. Great tutor!” [Alina - Chemistry 101]

 “The tutor was extremely helpful and patient with me. Any questions I asked her she knew how to help and assist me.” [Yangyang - Math 103]

 "Sean is very professional and responsive to my requests. His feedback is valuable to move me along in this writing process, which is daunting. So grateful this service is available." [Sean - Writing Center]

 "Gina is a genius! I am so grateful for her help and have told all my classmates to seek out her advice." [Gina - Writing Center]

 "Anna is an excellent tutor who is very passionate in teaching! I feel I have made good progress with her for the past few weeks." [Anna - Grammar Lab]

 “Khanh was very knowledgeable on the subject was was able to explain very clearly!” [Khanh – Physics 100B]

 “Michael was an amazing tutor. He helped me understand the topic way better. [He] was very understanding and answered all my questions.” [Michael – Math 140]

 "The Grammar Lab has helped me a lot. Gretchelle was an especially good teacher for me today. I really like how she helped me understand the problems with my grammar." [Gretchelle - Grammar Lab]

 "Melissa was very friendly and had great suggestions." [Melissa - Writing Center]

 "Rosie is very helpful and gives very good feedback." [Rosie - Writing Center]

 "Arin was great! Patient, funny, lots of examples! I'll be coming back to him." [Arin - Grammar Lab]


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