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Mentoring and Peer Programs at CSUN: A-Z

Looking to get or give help, student-to-student?

Here's a list of Mentoring and Peer Programs at CSUN.  It's arranged alphabetically by group name. 

If you have corrections or additions, please let us know.

Advising & Mentoring Educational Project (AME)

  • Provides mentoring for continuing first-year students and for sophomores
  • Mentors must have completed at least 60 units, with a CSUN grade point average of at least 3.0, and must submit an application and resume.
  • More information: CSBS SSC/EOP Satellite office SH 204; or email Zeneh Farhan; or email Stephanie Castro (in the AME program office)

Biology Tutoring

  • Provides tutoring for students enrolled in a biology class.
  • Mentors are typically graduate students or advanced undergraduates.
  • More information: email the BioGrad Coordinator

The Black House

  • Promotes student learning and achievement through academic and cultural programming for students who identify with the Black and/or African American culture
  • Offers community building, internship opportunities, peer mentoring and more
  • More information: visit

Black Male Scholars

Blues Project

  • Provides peer education on depression and suicide prevention for all CSUN students.
  • Peer educators are at various levels.
  • More information: visit the Blues Project website

Bridge to the Future Scholars Program

  • Students apply for the program while in high school. Currently limited to Canoga Park High School students. 
  • Mentors are peer mentors (students participating in the program) and faculty.
  • More information: visit the Bridge to the Future website or email the B2F program

Business Honors Program

  • Provides free tutoring and mentoring to students in many Business classes.
  • Tutors and mentors are members of the Business Honors Program.
  • More information:check the Business Honors Program website under "Tutoring"

Business Law and Real Estate

  • Provides free tutoring to students in Business Law and Real Estate classes.
  • Tutors are CSUN students who have excelled in the classes.
  • More information: visit the Business Law tutoring website

Camp Matador

  • Welcomes new freshmen to CSUN with a 4-day, 3-night program in Big Bear, California
  • Mentors are professional staff assisted by student facilitators and returning counselors
  • More information: visit the Camp Matador website

CAPS (Center for Achievement in Psychological Sciences)

  • Program for undergrads majoring in or interested in Psychology
  • Mentors are psychology undergraduate and graduate students
  • Freshmen and sophomores can apply to the CAPS mentors-in-training program (Fellowship-Mentoring program)
  • More information: visit the CAPS website or email the CAPS program or stop by Sierra Hall 304

Career Peer Educators

  • Provides career peer mentoring for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent alumni (within one year post degree).
  • Mentors are trained undergraduates from all majors.
  • More information:visit the Career Center website under "Peer Educators" or call the Career Center at 818-677-2878 

Child and Adolescent Development (CADV) Peer Academic Leaders Program

  • Provides mentoring and tutoring to CADV majors, minors, and other students considering a CADV major or minor.
  • Tutors are junior and senior CADV majors.
  • More information: visit CADV's student involvement website 

College Counseling/Student Services Graduate Students U-100 Mentors

Creating Pathways/Abriendo Caminos

  • Provides mentoring and tutoring to new transfer students in the areas of Accounting, Animation, Business Administration, Business Writing, Finance, Graphic Design, Information Systems, Management, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Marketing, and Nursing.
  • Mentors are juniors/seniors in one of the areas listed above and must apply to the program.
  • More information about mentors and tutors: visit the webpage for Creating Pathways mentoring and tutoring 

CSUN Mentorship Program

  • Provides mentoring primarily to incoming first-time freshman students to assist in their acclimation to campus, through the use of resource referral and university event exposure.
  • Mentors are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have prior mentoring experience and represent a different academic college on campus
  • More information:visit the CSUN Mentorship Program website

CTVA Student Resource Center

  • Provides tutoring for writing, primarily for CTVA 220 students but also for other CTVA courses.
  • Tutors are graduate teaching assistants.
  • More information: available on the syllabus for each participating CTVA course section.

David Nazarian College of Business and Economics Tutoring Center

  • Provides tutoring for any student taking a course in the College of Business and Economics.
  • Tutors are upper division Business students with a 3.5 GPA or greater.
  • More information: visit the Nazarian College tutoring information website

Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP)

  • Provides a community of mentors: students, faculty and staff
  • Offers mentoring resources for students, faculty, staff, and community activists
  • More information: visit the EOP website

Engineering and Computer Science Tutorial Services

  • Provides Facilitated Academic Workshops for students taking designated courses in the College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Provides tutoring in the Cooperative Learning Participation Program for students in the College of Engineering and Computer Science as well as the College of Science & Math.
  • More information: visit the Engineering and Computer Science Tutorial Services website

Finance 303 Tutoring

  • Provides tutoring for students currently taking FIN 303.
  • Tutors are students who completed FIN 303 with a grade of A and who have an overall GPA of at least 3.0.
  • More information: visit the Finance website and look for Finance 303 tutoring information under "Announcements"

GE Honors Peer Mentors

Girls in Science and Technology

Joint Advocates on Disordered Eating (JADE)

  • Provides peer education on eating disorders and body image for all CSUN students
  • Peer educators are at various levels.
  • More information: visit the JADE website

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

  • Provides tutoring for currently enrolled CSUN students.
  • Tutors are undergraduate and graduate CSUN students. 
  • More information: visit the LRC website

LGBTQ Peer Mentor Program

  • Provides mentoring for any CSUN student, primarily LGBTQ+ and questioning students
  • Mentors are Pride Center student employees
  • More information:visit the Pride Center Peer Mentor Program page

Living Learning Community/Themed Living Community Programs

  • Provides mentoring for residential students
  • Mentors are Academic Mentors and Resident Advisors
  • More information: visit the CSUN learning communities page

Matadors4Wellness Peer Health Educators

  • Provides peer education for all current CSUN students.
  • The Matadors 4 Wellness Peer Health Educators are undergraduate and graduate students who are trained to provide health and wellness education, workshops, and resources for CSUN students. 
  • More information: visit the Health Center's Get Involved page 

MenCARE (Creating Attitudes for Rape-Free Environments)

  • Provides peer education focused on understanding and challenging the ways in which gender norms contribute to rape culture.
  •  Peer educators apply for participation in this student-driven program. 
  • More information: visit the MenCARE webpage or email the MenCARE program

Minority Male Mentoring Project (M3)

  • Provides mentoring for undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, but they do not turn away students from the other colleges.  M3's goal is to provide students with mentoring options to guide them on their college path.
  • M3 mentors are graduate students. They also connect students to career mentors in the community.
  • More information: visit the M3 webpage

National Research Mentoring Network

  • Provides mentoring for any student in a basic sciences, biomedical and health related interests.
  • Mentors are Faculty, professionals, and graduate students.
  • More information: email Dr. MariaElena Zavala

Passport Mentorship Program

  • Provides mentoring relationships for junior business students.
  • Mentors are business professionals and alumni.
  • More information: visit the Passport Mentorship Program website

Peer Financial Mentoring Program

Peer Learning Facilitators

  • Provides peer learning for any student enrolled in an exercise physiology or exercise physiology-based course.
  • Peer Learning facilitators are undergrads and grad students who have previously done well in KIN 346 and KIN 446 and have been recommended by their 346 and/or 446 instructor.
  • More information: email Dr. Kim Henige.

Philosophy Department Tutoring Program

Physics Tutoring Center

Project D.A.T.E. (Discovering Alternatives to Today's Encounters) 

  • Provides peer education on sexual assault prevention for all CSUN students.
  • More information: visit the Project D.A.T.E. website

Puente: A Bridge to Graduation and Allied Health Careers

  • Provides mentoring for freshman, sophomore, or junior undergraduate students in the College of Health and Human Development at CSUN.
  • Mentors are seniors within the same major.
  • More information: email Cathy Kitinoja

Religious Studies Tutoring and Mentoring

  • Provides tutoring for CSUN students taking Religious Studies courses.
  • Tutors are Religious Studies majors.
  • More information: email Dr. Linda Lam-Easton

SOM (Systems and Operations Management) Tutoring

  • Provide tutoring to students in SOM 306 and SOM 120 only.
  • Tutoring provided by four student tutors (changes every semester).
  • More information: SOM 306 and SOM 120 faculty websites and SOM department.

Student Success Allies

  • Undergraduate students within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Mentors are Graduate Students in the Masters of Social Work Program.
  • More information: email the Student Success Allies program

Thriving and Achieving Program (TAP)

  • Provides mentoring for students registered with DRES that have not participated in two terms of TAP.
  • Mentors are CSUN students enrolled at least half time with 60+ units completed or are participating in graduate school.  They must be in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • More information: view the TAP website

Tutoring Services in Student Housing

Women Inspired to Succeed and Discover Opportunities through Mentoring (WISDOM)

  • Provides mentoring for female undergraduate and graduate students who identify within the African-American or Black community.
  • Mentors are faculty, staff, students, and administrators.
  • More information: visit the WISDOM website or email the WISDOM program

Contact us: email the Office of Student Success

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