Shop Safety

Various PPE Symbols

CSUN's Shop Safety Program is designed to ensure that all work performed in shop environments on campus is conducted in a way that protects the health and safety of everyone on campus, and minimizes risk to university property.

Program Documents

  • Shop Safety Program
    • Describes the shop safety policy and defines the roles and responsibilities of the personnel in shop environments at CSUN.
  • Shop Safety Manual (pdf)
    • A guide to help departments and shops comply with the CSUN Shop Safety Program. Includes templates and checklists to assist Shop Coordinators in developing Shop Safety Plans, as required by the Shop Safety Program.


Templates and Forms (PDFs)

The templates and forms below are also included in the Shop Safety Manual above, but are listed separately here for convenience.

  • Shop Safety Plan Template
    • Shop Coordinators must create and annually recertify a site-specific Shop Safety Plan.
  • Shop Hazard Assessment Checklist 
    • Shop Coordinators must conduct a Shop Hazard Assessment initially and whenever hazards change, and must include a blank copy in their Shop Safety Plan.
  • Shop Hazard Assessment Acknowledgement Template
    • Acknowledgement by shop personnel of the most current Shop Hazard Assessment must be documented and included in the Shop Safety Plan.
  • Shop User Authorization Form Template
    • All Authorized Users must have permissions and limitations documented by the Shop Coordinator to be included in the Shop Safety Plan. A blank copy must be included in the Shop Safety Plan.
  • Working Solo/Unsupervised Authorization Form
    • All Authorized Users that will be working solo or unsupervised must have permissions, limitations, authorization, and acknowledgement of work alone policies expressly documented using this form. A blank copy must be included in the Shop Safety Plan.
  • Shop Safety Training Roster Template
    • All training must be documented, and those records must included in the Shop Safety Plan. Blank copies of certificates or rosters must be included in the Shop Safety Plan.
  • Shop Safety Review Checklist
    • Shop Coordinators must ensure periodic (at least annual) Shop Safety Reviews are being conducted using the Shop Safety Review Checklist. A blank copy must be included in the Shop Safety Plan.
  • Campus Door Hazard Sign
    • All Authorized Users must post expected work space hazards on exterior doors. Signage must be clearly visible to anyone entering the work space.

Shop Equipment Safety Checklists

If any of the following pieces of equipment are present in the shop, select its name to access the associated Shop Equipment Safety Checklist that must be conducted by the Shop Coordinator or their designee periodically (at least annually). These checklists are meant to assist in identifying and addressing present or potential hazards associated with specific pieces of stationary equipment in the shop. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for all potentially hazardous processes, equipment, or materials in the shop must be included in the Shop Safety Plan and posted at or near the associated work areas, equipment, or materials. EH&S provides pre-written SOP's for the equipment below. Select the name of the equipment to access its associated SOP.

Standard Operating Procedures QR codes stickers print sheet (Avery 22806 Labels) - Contains one QR code for each tool listed below that links to that tool's SOP. Can be placed on or near the equipment for easy access to the SOP.

Need an SOP not listed above? 

Use the Blank SOP Template (MS Word) to create new SOPs, or contact EH&S for assistance drafting new SOPs.