Hazardous Materials Spill

This program describes procedure or steps that should be taken in the event of a hazardous materials release or spill.

  • Any spill or release of hazardous materials should be reported immediately to the Environmental Health and Safety Office (ext. 2401), or to the Campus Police Department (911). If the release is significant, or if injuries are involved, call 911 immediately.
  • When reporting, be as specific as possible about the type, amount, and location of the material released.
  • The instructor or supervisor should immediately evacuate and limit access to the affected area. All evacuations should be upwind from the release location.
  • Unless immediate medical attention is needed, all persons who have been potentially exposed should report to emergency personnel at the site and notify the Incident Commander that they have been exposed.
  • Cleanups will be directed by the appropriate authorities including; The Environmental Health and Safety Office, the Los Angeles Fire Department, the California Environmental Protection Agency, and the campus designated cleanup contractor.
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