Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT)

The Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) allows faculty and instructional support technicians to identify  present and potential hazards in the laboratory spaces they are responsible for, and to communicate those hazards to members of their lab groups. Laboratory hazard assessments need to be recertified annually, and amended as hazards change (such as the addition of a new instrument or procedure). 

LHAT Process

1. PI/Faculty Member creates their group of lab members and the locations of where they work. [How to Create and Manage Groups in RSS (pdf)]
2. Next, the PI/Faculty Member completes the hazard questionnaire, identifying the hazards present in the lab. They then submit the assessment.  
*This can also be done by the delegate, but only the PI/Faculty Member can submit the final assessment to the lab members.
3. Upon submittal, the system will generate a list of hazards and recommended PPE for members in the lab and those working adjacently.
4. Lab members will receive an email asking them to review and acknowledge the assessment, which includes the PPE recommendations.
5. Once all lab members have acknowledged the assessment, the process is considered complete. [How to acknowledge a Laboratory Hazard Assessment (pdf)]