UAS (drones)

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UA), or drones, is governed by the Federal Aviation Administration for all recreational, educational, and commercial applications. CSUN’s UAS Program exists to ensure that UAS’s can be operated safely by capable people in a manner consistent with FAA regulations. CSUN’s UAS Program requires that written permission must be obtained from the campus UAS Committee prior to any UAS flight on University Property, or at any University sanctioned events off-campus.

To obtain flight permission from the UAS committee, the following three components must be completed at least three (3) weeks before the flight takes place: 

1. Register Aircraft

The UAS Aircraft Registration Form requires upload of at least two documents before it can be submitted:

  • Proof of liability insurance
  • Certificate of FAA Registration

Upon approval by EH&S, the applicant will receive an automated email with their CSUN UAS Aircraft ID (UAR) #.

2. Register Operators

All personnel involved with the flight of a UAS must register as Operators. More than one role may be selected for each Operator. Operator roles include:

  • Pilot*: A person who manipulates the flight controls of the aircraft.
  • Observer: A person who assists the operator to see and avoid other air traffic or other obstructions.
  • Ground Station: A person who assists the operator in control or payload operation.
  • Ground Crew: A crew member, including launch and recovery specialists or communications officers.
  • Trainee: A person in training for flight controls of the aircraft.
  • Instructor: A qualified person providing flight instruction to a trainee.

Upon approval by EH&S, the registrant will receive an automated email with their CSUN UAS Operator ID (UAO) #.

*For those registering as Pilots, a copy of their Remote Pilot in Command (Drone Pilot) Certificate will need to be uploaded to the online form.

 3. Apply for Flight Permission

The UAS Flight Application requires that the following information and documents be ready before the online form can be submitted:

  • CSUN UAS Aircraft ID (UAR) #'s for all UAS’s/drones - see "Register Aircraft" above.
  • CSUN UAS Operator ID (UAO) #'s for all personnel directly involved - see "Register Operators" above.
  • Written permission from property owner (if operating off CSUN property)
  • Annotated Map of Flight Zone, including Launch & Landing Zone.
  • Completed Signature Page (requires signature from head of department/college)