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In order to protect first responders, assist in an emergency, meet state regulatory obligations, and provide the necessary safety services to the campus, EH&S needs to have an accurate report of the hazardous materials stored throughout campus.

Laboratories are required to maintain a Chemical Inventory within Risk, Safety and Solutions (RSS) Chemicals.  At a minimum, each chemical inventory owner must perform an annual chemical inventory re-certification that covers any reportable hazardous materials, including chemical reagents, gas cylinders, and large quantity industrial chemicals.  In addition, chemical inventories should be updated with any changes to the inventory such as additions, removals, transfers and relocations to new sublocation areas.

Chemical inventories can be easily managed and searched using the "UC Chemicals" app, available on iOS and Android!

Installing the Chemicals Application

For iOS Users

For Android Users

  1. Navigate to the App Store 
  2. Search for "UC Chemicals"
  3. Select Install
  4. Launch the application
  5. Select your campus
  6. Log in with your campus credentials
  1. Navigate to the Google Play Store
  2. Search for "UC Chemicals"
  3. Select Install
  4. Launch the application
  5. Select your campus
  6. Log in with your campus credentials

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start using barcodes?

Although the Chemicals software supports it, currently CSUN has not begun to use barcodes to manage chemical inventories yet. Contact EH&S for questions.

2. Does the system support sharing?

Yes. PIs can add colleagues within the application. Once established, this relationship allows researchers to search for chemicals within their colleagues labs and to submit requests to borrow.

3. Are the inventories private?

Yes. By default, other groups cannot see the contents of your inventory, even if they are in the same location. RSS Admins will be able to access your chemical inventory through the analytics tool.

4. Is Chemicals available as a mobile application?

Yes. Chemicals is available as a native mobile application for iOS and Android devices and also as a web-based application. Search “UC Chemicals” in the appropriate app store.

5. Does the app provide substructure searching?

Substructure searching is available on the desktop version. Select Search, then select the Substructure link.

6. The chemical information is incorrect. How do I correct this?

If chemical information is incorrect, users can report an issue. For mobile devices, select the Message icon located to the right of the chemical name to report an issue. For desktop, select the menu icon in the upper right hand corner and select Report A Problem.

7. How do I add/delete members for my lab?

Members of your lab can be managed through the CSU Safety Profile page. PIs can also designate a Delegate who can manage users and create groups on behalf of the PI.

8. I have a new building or room for my lab, how do I add this?

A PI or Lab Manager can manage locations through the CSU Safety Profile page. Select the Locations tab for your group and select the Add button to add a buildings/rooms.

9. How can I get access to the Manage Lab section?

The Manage Lab section is available to only PIs and their lab managers. Please ask your PI to add you as a Lab Manager.

10. How do I correct a chemical that was incorrectly added to my inventory? Do I need to delete the chemical and add a new one?

The Reassign feature allows you to update an existing chemical to the correct chemical.