Schedule a Hazardous Waste Pickup

Tips for removal and pick up request of Hazardous Waste

  • Complete a Hazardous Waste Transfer Form and submit it to (at least 48hrs. prior to pick up). Transfer Form must include chemical/waste name, amount of waste to be disposed of, preparation date and hazard class of the hazardous waste.
  • Hazardous waste containers shall be of a material that is chemically compatible with waste(s), and closed.
  • Incompatible wastes must be separated.
  • Secondary containment must be used for all liquid containers to prevent spills or leaks. Incompatible wastes shall not be stored within the same secondary containment device.
  • Each container must be labeled and dated.
  • For further details go to the EH&S Hazardous Waste Management Program web page.

Safety Measures

  • All large volume waste will need to be palletized, shrink wrapped, and placed in a pre-approved outdoor area for ease of forklift accessibility.
  • All smaller volume waste should be placed in secondary containment and staged on a wheeled cart (if necessary), then placed in an area that has been pre-approved by EH&S.
  • All departmental hazardous waste handlers shall not leave hazardous waste unattended.
  • For any questions/concerns on any of the above conditions please contact EH&S at x2401 or

What to complete when scheduling a hazardous waste pick up request

  • Name: First and last name of contact person
  • Email: Email address of contact person
  • Phone number: Best phone number for reaching contact person
  • Address: Building name and room number waste will be transferred from
  • Notes: (optional, as needed) comments / additional requests (i.e. supplies)

Please submit your Hazardous Waste Transfer Form to at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled pickup date/time.

Thank you for taking the time to arrange a hazardous waste pickup with EH&S. If you have any questions email or call (818) 677-2401.