RSS (Risk & Safety Solutions) - Lab Safety Tools

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RSS is a system of applications for laboratory hazard assessment, hazard communication, chemical inventory, and safety inspections. It was developed by the University of California and is now in use across the CSU system.

The software includes three modules: Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT), Chemicals, and Inspect. For information on what these modules do and help/tutorials about how to use them, please click on their names below.

  • Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT)A tool that allows faculty and instructional support technicians to identify  present and potential hazards in the laboratory spaces they are responsible for, and to communicate those hazards to members of their lab groups. Laboratory hazard assessments need to be recertified annually and as hazards change, such as from the introduction of a new instrument or procedure.
  • Chemicals: A chemical inventory management tool that allows groups to quickly add chemicals by searching chemical name, CAS#, or even product number for certain vendors. Chemicals also serves as a digital SDS library, allowing users to quickly view the chemicals in their labs and the hazards, first aid, storage requirements, compatibility considerations, etc. The Chemicals tool requires, at minimum, annual re-certification by the P.I. that it accurately reflects their chemical inventory, but users are encouraged to use the tool ad-hoc any time chemicals are added or removed from inventory. Available as an app for iOS and Android! Search for "UC Chemicals" in the app store.
  • InspectA laboratory safety inspection tool for P.I.s or their delegates to perform safety checks on their own laboratory spaces to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Using the Laboratory Safety Review Checklist, lab groups must inspect their labs at least annually and correct any findings within 30 days of P.I. acknowledgement. Findings may also be addressed by providing an action plan with specific dates if the correction will take longer than 30 days. EH&S will perform inspections in laboratories using the Laboratory Safety Review Checklist every other year. Inspections can be easily performed using the "RSS Inspect" app, available on iOS and Android!

RSS operates using "Groups" to represent research teams.

  • For information about creating and managing groups in RSS, see How to Create and Manage Groups in RSS (PDF)
  • Note for Principal Investigators (P.I.'s): Your research group may already have been created by EH&S, but if not: contact EH&S to have your group added. P.I.'s are responsible for managing students & staff in their roster. All faculty, staff, and students are automatically added to the RSS system so you will be able to add anyone with CSUN credentials. 

Getting started?

Book an appointment with Environmental Health & Safety for help with RSS! We can assist with an introduction/Q&A session, or with conducting LHATs and Lab Safety Reviews.