Satellite Accumulation Area Inspections

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), a division of CalEPA, requires that areas where hazardous waste is being stored be inspected weekly (22 CCR §66265.174). The EH&S Satellite Accumulation Area Inspection form below can be used to help waste generators comply with this regulation before waste is transferred to EH&S. If your department generates hazardous chemical waste, please use the form below to inspect the accumulation site weekly. Records will automatically be kept and can be shared with departments upon request.

QR Code stickers can be printed on Avery® 61514 Labels and posted in satellite accumulation areas to easily conduct inspections via mobile device. Please print stickers using Avery® 61514 Labels using the sheet below. EH&S can also provide printed labels.

Satellite Accumulation Area Inspection QR Code Stickers (Avery 61514 Labels)

Please contact EH&S at or ext. 2401 with any questions.