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 Need to create accessible event flyers QUICKER?

Microsoft PowerPoint offers a quicker way to create accessible event flyers, infographics, posters, or newsletters that include image description (Alt Text), capability to re-arrange logical reading order, built-in accessibility checker, and retains all the structure when exporting to PDF.

 Video Presentation in Panopto

 Video presentation in Panopto

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 Best Practices

When creating an infographic, designers should always consider the following accessibility best practices:

  • Text display: Text should always be clear and easy to understand for maximum reader comprehension. Avoid using difficult to read font, small text and ensure the language and tone in written text is appropriate to ensure the audience remains engaged.
  • Images: When images or graphics are included within an infographic, those images must also be described if they convey important meaning or message.  For additional support about how to write text descriptions for images, please review Best Practices for Accessible Images.
  • Links: If there are links in an infographic, the link text must clearly describe where the link is going to take a user. Do not use link phrases such as “click here” or “read more” and always ensure the link can be easily distinguished to users. Please note: links in an image infographic are not accessible.  
  • Color contrast: When using color in an infographic, always make sure there is enough color contrast between the foreground content and background content. When the foreground and background colors are too similar, users will have a hard time understanding the information.
  • Structure: an infographic must always have a logical structure that includes titles and heading levels.
  • Mobile Display: Avoid making large infographics as they cannot be properly displayed on mobile devices.  

Also consider the following criteria when creating an infographic, courtesy of WebAIM:

Web Accessibility for Designers infographic; text version at WebAIM.org

Accessible Web Version of WebAim Infographic