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 What is Compliance Sheriff?

It is an Integrated Digital Accessibility Platform to test, monitor and manage Accessibility compliance and the progress made for websites, mobile apps, and digital products. It is used by designers and developers to meet the WCAG and stay compliant.


Compliance Sheriff is an enterprise automated testing tool developed by Cyxtera used to assist in testing webpages against accessibility standards. Compliance Sheriff is used throughout the CSU and within the CSUN campus, all colleges and divisions have a selected compliance sheriff coordinator responsible for conducting evaluations on their college or division websites.

 Compliance Sheriff Transition

AppGate, the company that owns Compliance Sheriff, discontinued Compliance Sheriff at the end of 2021. AppGate helped the UDC set up a local installation of Compliance Sheriff with an archive of our data. We will use this local copy during the transition period.

Compliance Sheriff Local Server

You can access Compliance Sheriff by logging in to the CSUN Compliance Sheriff local server: (Please use VPN to connect to the CSUN network in order to gain access to Compliance Sheriff server, even if you are connecting on-campus)

You will gain access to the Compliance Sheriff local instance using your CSUN credentials. Please note, you are required to use VPN to connect to the CSUN network, through CSUN's GlobalProtect Authentication.

For more information and comprehensive user guide please visit Compliance Sheriff resources below.


 Compliance Sheriff Resources

User Guides

Compliance Sheriff - CSU Checkpoint Group (xlsx) File

You may access user guide and helpful topics online by visiting the Compliance Sheriff Comprehensive User Guide

Training Videos and Help

 Compliance Sheriff Video Training

  • Compliance Sheriff Product Training
  • Compliance Deputy Product Training
  • Intro to Accessibility
  • HTML5 Accessibility
  • JavaScript Accessibility

Resources for the CSU System

Cyxtera Compliance Sheriff Support Portal