Document Accessibility for Student Employees


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The Universal Design Center (UDC) will train your student employees in how to make documents accessible. We emphasize course materials and academic papers, but we're prepared to cover other topics upon request.

Goals for this program include:

  • Increase the availability of accessible documents at CSUN. 
  • Provide a cost-effective, scalable option for departments to get assistance with inaccessible document files. 
  • Introduce student employees to accessibility as an aspect of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Train student employees in the skills of both evaluating and remediating multiple file formats.  

Upon completion, student employees will be able to create, evaluate and, if needed, fix Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents.


The training will be held over five weeks in 2024 and takes 20 hours (maximum) to complete. An important component will be WebAIM's Accessible Document Training, offered courtesy of Information Technology. This on-demand (asynchronous) component of the training should take less than 12 hours. In parallel, the cohort will meet — in person — with the UDC team for five Friday afternoons, for a total of 7.5 hours.

24 seats remaining. Minimum cohort size: 10 student employees.

Spring 2024 Schedule (TBD)

Supervisors' Orientation - 2024

Training Schedule
12024, 2pm to 3:30pmIntroduction1. Document Contentnone
22024, 2pm to 3:30pmDescriptive Text2. Document Structurenone
32024, 2pm to 3:30pmEvaluating documents (Word)3. Evaluating Accessibility & Creating PDFsEvaluating a document
42024, 2pm to 3:30pmEvaluating documents (PDF)4. Optimizing PDFs in AcrobatEvaluating a document OR Fixing a document
52024, 2pm to 3:30pmConclusionnoneFixing a document



Available for Windows and Mac

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Available for Windows and Mac


Summer 2024

For more information about joining a future cohort, please contact the Universal Design Center at udc@csun.edu.