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Accessibility Tip on Dashes and Hyphens

November 17, 2022

The Mysterious Dash or Hyphen preparing your content for Screen Readers

A screen reader is an assistive technology that helps people with vision impairment to access and interact with websites or applications through touch or audio. However, there are some limitations with screen readers. For example, screen readers do not know what the – symbol represents, whether it is a minus sign, hyphen, en dash or em dash, and will not read it. So, when you are creating content for your courses, it is always a good practice to spell out the word and any abbreviations or make a reference to your abbreviation when used for the first time.  Read More About Accessibility Tip on Dashes and Hyphens


Accessibility Tip - Share Notes, Share Knowledge

October 20, 2022

student taking notes in class

In my dual role as an instructor and an accessibility analyst at the Universal Design Center, I often try to weave accessibility practices into my teaching strategies. They are mostly easy to implement and benefit all students. There may be students who do not self-identify as individuals who need certain accommodations to participate in class activities and meet the learning objectives. Read More About Accessibility Tip - Share Notes, Share Knowledge


 Accessibility Tip - Recycling Old Files

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Want to know a common object you’ll find in any classroom or office that’s a secret weapon when it comes to accessibility? It’s your computer’s Trash or Recycle Bin! Going through your content and getting rid of unused files helps you focus on the accessibility of the remaining materials. And it is often more time efficient to find or make a new, more accessible copy than it is to try and fix an older file.

If you need storage for files that you’re not using this semester, but that you don’t want to necessarily delete forever, you can always store them in myCSUNbox until you’re ready to make them accessible and use them again! Accessibility Tip - Recycling Old Files


Accessibility Training for Student Employees

stylized graphic of a student using a laptop with books and plants nearby

The Universal Design Center (UDC) will be training student employees to help make documents and other materials accessible. This new session starts up on Sept. 30th, and there are only 18 seats left. Sign your department’s student employees up todayRead more about Accessibility Training for Student Employees


Early Bird Accessibility

Early Bird on sticky note with marker and clock

A few steps over the summer will mean a smoother start to the Fall semester for many of your students. Read More About Early Bird Accessibility



Join the "Moving the Needle" Challenge

March 24, 2022

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This April 4th to 8th, each CSU will compete to see which campus can show the greatest improvement to the accessibility of our course materials. We need your help! Read CSUN's approach to this challenge



Where to Start with Accessibility?

person standing in front of a question mark and scratching their head

Not sure where to begin when it comes to accessibility in your course? No problem! We have three steps that will help you get your course off to a great start. Read more about Where to Start with Accessibility?



What Does “Accessible” Mean?

Street sign that says accessible

What does it mean for something to be "accessible"? If your course materials pass these three checks, then you have addressed many common issues. Read more about What Does “Accessible” Mean?



Accessibility for Scanned PDFs

person scanning document

When you're working with scanned PDFs, Canvas Ally says “the document is scanned but not OCRed.” What can you do? Sometimes fixing a file is not the first answer. Read more about Accessibility for Scanned PDFs


Tidy Your Way to a Better Report

March 24, 2022

Canvas AllyThe Course Accessibility Report is a new feature of Canvas Ally that gives you a picture of the accessibility of the course as a whole. Read more about Canvas Ally Report



Just One Thing: Descriptive Text

March 24, 2022

Just One ThingHave time for just one accessibility step? Add descriptive text! Descriptions for images, links, and more can help all of your students navigate and access your content. Read more about Just One Thing



Faculty Resources for SAAS Student Accommodation

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If you have a student in the Student Access and Accommodation System (SAAS) receiving services through NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, please brush up on the tips on their Virtual Learning page.

If you have a student in SAAS receiving services through Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES), please review their Accommodating Students page and consider how virtual instruction may intersect with your student(s) accommodation(s).

If you have any other questions about accessibility, please  /bookings/">make an appointment with the Universal Design Center (UDC). Read more about Faculty Resources for SAAS Student Accommodation


Winter Accessibility Bootcamp

Universal Design Center

Ensure your Spring syllabus is accessible and earn a stipend through this four-day workshop Jan. 11-14th, 10-11:30am each day. The Accessibility Bootcamp covers best practices, tips, and the core tools and campus resources available to make documents, videos, and other course materials more accessible. Featured tools include Canvas Ally, which aids in identifying accessibility challenges in your course materials in Canvas. Read more about Winter Accessibility Bootcamp


How Do Students Use Canvas Ally?

Canvas Ally with microsoft word powerpoint and adobe acrobat logos

In 2020-2021, students downloaded 57,704 PDF versions of Word and PowerPoint course materials. Students have several alternative file formats to choose from, and Ally will convert a variety of files. However, Word and PowerPoint to PDF was by far the most popular. What does this mean for faculty? Read more about How do students use Canvas Ally?


Winter Online Accessibility Training

Webaim web accessibility in mind

The CSU Chancellor's Office now offers an online independent-study document accessibility course covering Word, PowerPoint and PDF. The course covers creating, evaluating, and optimizing content and structure in documents. There's also a bonus module on accessibility in Excel. Read more about Winter Online Accessibility Training


New Canvas Course Accessibility Report Feature Available

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New for 2021-22! The Course Accessibility Report is powered by Canvas Ally and is available in the navigation menu for each of your Canvas courses. The Course Accessibility Report gives you an overview of the accessibility of your course, including guidance like “easiest issues to fix” and “fix low scoring content." The Course Accessibility Report also lists all of the content within that course and displays the Canvas Ally dial for each item. Read more about New Canvas Course Accessibility Report Feature Available


Early Bird Accessibility

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Taking a few Universal Design steps over the summer will mean a smoother start to the Fall semester for many of the students in your courses. Read more about Early Bird Accessibility



Captioning Course Content

April 30, 2021

CaptioningCaptioning is part of the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) because videos have become an integral way to share information with students, faculty, staff... Read more about Captioning



Purchasing Information and Communication Technology

April 30, 2021


Another way CSUN incorporates accessibility is through our purchasing process. Per CSU policy, all of our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) purchases undergo the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Procurement Procedure to measure the impact on accessibility. Read more about Purchasing ICT


 New UDC Training Videos and Resources

April 30, 2021

UDC Training video and resourcesCurious how to create accessible course materials that reach more students? The UDC offers Accessibility Training Videos and Resources, and virtual training throughout the year. Our Accessibility Training Events are open to all faculty, staff, and student assistants. Email us at udc@csun.edu. Visit UDC Training Video and Resources


Can You Read This? Using Color Contrast in Universal Design

March 23, 2021

laptop against white background with waves of color coming out of the screen

Color can be a potent way to grab attention and convey information – and a few simple techniques can make it even more effective for the widest possible audience. Read more about Can You Read This? Using Color Contrast in Universal Design


Making STEM Content Accessible with EquatIO

Equatio logo at top with handwritten equation in the EquatIO mobile app translated into an accessible digital format in the desktop or browser version

EquatIO is software to help both faculty and students create, share, and study accessible equations and formulas. EquatIO can generate images with accurate alternate text descriptions, or “use LaTeX to create accessible math expressions and add them directly into digital documents.” Read more about Making STEM Content Accessible with EquatIO


New Zoom Feature - Live Automated Captioning

Zoom logo with white camera icon above

CSUN Academic Technology is excited to announce that live automated captioning in Zoom is now available campus-wide. Read more about New Zoom Feature - Live Automated Captioning



Canvas Ally Feature: BeeLine Reader

BeeLine Reader logo

Ally, the accessibility service within Canvas, makes it easier for students (and you!) to read on computer, tablet, or mobile device screens. Read more about Canvas Ally Feature: BeeLine Reader



Captioning Videos

CC, closed captioning.

Funding is available to help faculty generate captions and transcripts for instructional media.  Read more about captioning videos.