Media Captioning

Request media captioning

Per federal and state law, and CSU policy, instructional media (e.g., videos, captured lectures, recorded presentations) must have captions. This includes instructional media used in classrooms, posted on websites or shared in Canvas.

Communication Access Services (CAS) is NCOD’s online service request system for media captioning requests.  Through CAS, you will be able to request media captioning for electronic media (YouTube, media file, etc.) you will use in your classrooms.

If you have a DVD or videotape, please email that you have a DVD or videotape you want to convert into an .MP4 file.  Once you have the .MP4 file, follow the instructions below.

If you want to caption your own videos, visit captions for faculty/staff page. You can also visit Universal Design Center (UDC) page on Video Accessibility. 

Faculty/Staff Instructions for Requesting Media Captioning through CAS

  1. On myCSUNbox, create a folder named “NCOD Captioning – [Faculty/Staff Last Name]” and give access as “Co-Owner.” 

  2. Upload media and supporting files to this folder.  If you don't have anything to upload and have a media link instead (i.e., YouTube), skip this step (include the media link in the "Notes" box in the Media Request).

  3. Complete a “New Media Request” through CAS (or click the button above).  Log in CAS using your CSUN username and password.  Click on "Requests," then "New Media Request" to submit your media request.  

Here is a video tutorial on Captioning Video Content Through NCOD.

If you are unable to access the system or encounter issues, email or call (818) 677-2054.

To request media captioning, click below:

Media Captioning FAQ

When should I submit my request(s) for media captioning?

As soon as possible.

Are there any costs to making a request for media captioning?

Faculty: No. There is no cost to the faculty since it is part of their classroom material.

Staff:  Yes, there is a cost through the chargeback process for CSUN staff who do not provide classroom material.  For information on chargebacks, email

What is the turnaround time for captioning my media?

5-7 days.

Can I put in one request for all the media I want to be captioned (i.e., one request for 5 videos)?

No – you can only submit one media request per video So if you have 5 videos, you must submit 5 different media requests.