Compliance Deputy

 What is Compliance Deputy?

Compliance Deputy is a newly developed browser-based solution that allows developers and content creators to evaluate and repair accessibility errors before publishing them. Compliance Deputy was developed by Cyxtera in collaboration with the CSU ATI and the Universal Design Center (UDC). It measures compliance using the CSU ATI Accessibility RequirementsFile icon (DOCX) and the UDC Web Accessibility Criteria. It works best in the Chrome browser.  Contact UDC about Internet Explorer or Firefox; Safari is coming soon.

 Compliance Deputy Installation

At this time Google Chrome is providing the best support and functionality for Compliance Deputy tool. The vendor is working on providing the full support and functionality on other browsers as well.


  • For all Chrome clients, this is installed through the Chrome Web Store.
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for "Compliance Deputy" and then select "Add to Chrome" button to install.

Compliance Deputy Configuration file

  • After installing the Deputy toolbar, extract the "ComplianceDeputy.config" file from the "Compliance Deputy Configuration file" zip file and load in your browser toolbar, using the "Load Configuration" menu provided in the Deputy toolbar.