• Mobile Accessibility

Mobile Accessibility

 Why is Mobile Accessibility Important?

We use our phones virtually for everything from finding a restaurant to online banking. There are variety of applications that perfectly suit our needs and are a few clicks away. It seems very simple and easy to reach all that phones and tablets offer but it could be challenging for people who do not have the same physical abilities. One with visual or mobility impairment may not be able to utilize all that is offered on the go. Thus, mobile accessibility becomes significantly more imperative as mobile technology and the use of mobile devices advance everyday.  

 Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP)

MWBP provides guidelines for delivering accessible web content to mobile devices. The principal objective is to improve the user experience of the Web when accessed from such devices. This provides a series of recommendations designed to improve the user experience of the Web on mobile devices.

 Mapping Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to MWBP

The relationship between WCAG and MWBP is too complex for a simple mapping table to adequately communicate what developers need to do to meet both. For example, in some cases complying with a specific WCAG provision will meet the related MWBP; however, the inverse is not always true and complying with the MWBP provision will not necessarily meet the related WCAG provision. Thus, there is no simple mapping table between WCAG and MWBP.