Plan for Alternate Access

When products do not meet accessibility requirements, a Plan for Alternate Access or PAA is required. The PAA must be completed by the department who purchases ICT product and must record the department's alternate access solutions to support users with disabilities. The plan is meant to be used in the event a user with disabilities cannot use an ICT product due to accessibility barriers. Departments are responsible for ensuring equally effective alternate access is provided for the ICT products they procure.  

The latest template can be found below:

 Completing a Plan

  • All departments must create a Plan for Alternate Access for products with accessibility barriers.
  • Departments will receive a notification to complete a PPA following an accessibility review of their product by the UDC.
  • The PAA is comprised of five critical sections that a department must complete:
  • Once the PAA is complete and signed by all required departments, the PAA must be submitted to the Universal Design Center (Room OV 5, Mail Code 8235)
  • The UDC will maintain the original copy of the form will assign document revision and control dates.
  • The UDC will send the product requestor a copy of the form.
  • Requesting departments must retain the PAA document and review yearly
  • If updates are needed, requesting departments must send the updates to the Universal Design Center.