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Important Information for New and Continuing International Graduate Students

Recent ICE guidance affecting F-1 who are currently in the U.S. (new and continuing F-1 students residing in U.S.)

Primary groups impacted:

Continuing students currently residing in the country: Based on the recent ICE guidelines for SEVP, these students must be enrolled in a hybrid course and can also be enrolled in more than one online course, however they must be taking the minimum number of online classes required to make normal progress in their degree program.  Students should also maximize the number of hybrid courses they have available to them that facilitates progress towards degree.

Newly admitted students in the country (e.g. International students who were previously enrolled full-time at a community college) would be impacted similarly a continuing student (SEVP guidelines also apply to this group).

 New/continuing students currently residing outside the country (with no intent to return to US for Fall) will continue to be advised to maintain a full course of study by taking online classes in their first semester of matriculation. Immigration record will be moved or re-issued to a future semester in-person instruction resumes on campus).

 New/continuing students currently outside of the country who wish to return to the U.S. should be advised on an individual basis, with possible university outreach to sponsored student cultural centers/embassies.

Recommendations (pending additional guidance from CO):

  1. CSUN definition of Hybrid Course: Any course that that is a mix of on-line and face-to-face components during the course of the Fall 2020 semester.
  2. Currently there is no DHS definition for hybrid courses; the above is in alignment with ICE guidance.  We should replace the 50/50 definition of the hybrid course and align catalog, CSUNasOne site and UGS site in terms of course definitions for Fall courses.

For Graduates:

  1. Develop protocol to advise impacted students of available hybrid course offerings, including their discipline section of 698 as well as those that have already been approved within four colleges: Health & Human Development, Math & Science, Engineering & Computer Science and Michael Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication.
  2. Expand and schedule additional sections of 698 (3units) course that provide college-based offerings and enrollment. MPPs within individual colleges would be identified to serve as instructors.
  3. Develop protocol for graduate coordinators s to be shared by Graduate Studies:
  4. Graduate Coordinators and Department Chairs will be furnished with a list of continuing F-1 students who are currently in the United States.  For each student, coordinator/chair will:

                      Review enrollment for all F-1 graduates in the department
                      Determine if students are enrolled in all possible degree applicable hybrid courses:

  • If the student is already enrolled in all possible hybrid (on-campus component) courses, the coordinator will create a NOTE for the college “F-1 Hybrid Schedule Confirmed”
  • If the student could add additional degree applicable hybrid courses or is not enrolled in any hybrid course, but there are existing hybrid classes that are required for their degree, the coordinator will create a NOTE for the college “F-1 MUST Enroll in Hybrid”
    The coordinator/chair will schedule an advising session via phone or zoom with the student to provide academic advising and ensure that they modify their  class schedule to add all possible degree applicable hybrid courses.
  • If the student is not enrolled in any hybrid courses and the only degree applicable option is the college-based 698 hybrid course, please create a NOTE for the student with the reason “F-1  Enroll in 698”
    The coordinator/chair will schedule an advising session via phone or zoom with the student to provide academic advising and ensure that they modify their class schedule to add the college-based hybrid 698 course
  • Continue to monitor enrollment to ensure student remains enrolled in as many degree applicable hybrid courses as possible and proactively outreach to students as needed. 

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