Graduate Studies

Student Success Series

Spring 2021 Workshops

The Student Success Series takes place in the fall and spring. It is a series of workshops designed to help students prepare for graduate school and other professional development opportunities.

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  • Students will also need to complete a Zoom Registration Form; our office will send the link to access the form before the scheduled workshop.
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Special Note: These workshops might be recorded so it can be shared with other students.

May Workshop Details and Descriptions

Grad School 101
Friday, May 7, 2021
Via Zoom
Speaker: Heidi Schumacher

About this Workshop: This workshop is for students considering graduate school (either a master's or doctoral degree) and wanting to learn more about the landscape of graduate education.  We'll cover the basics: the difference between a master's and PhD and the possible job paths for each; how one pays for graduate school; what life is like for graduate students; and things to think about as a current undergraduate or master's student who might want to continue their education beyond their current degree program.

Staying Productive During COVID
Tuesday May 11, 2021
Via Zoom
Dr. Jeanne Robertson, Department of Biology

Panelist: Dr. Stefanie Drew, Department of Psychology, Dr. Marquita Gammage, Department of Africana Studies, Dr. Jacob Hinkel-Lipsker, Department of Kinesiology and Dr. Inga Timmerman, Department of Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance

Workshop Description:
Join us as a panel of five distinguished faculty members in the Colleges of Health and Human Development, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Business and Economics and Science and Math share their stories and strategies of keeping their research agendas alive during a pandemic.

About the Moderator:
Jeanne Robertson is an associate professor in the Department of Biology. Research in her lab focusses on the evolutionary processes that generate and maintain biological diversity. Specifically, she examines the patterns and processes of genomic diversity, the role of female mate choice on the evolution of bright coloration, and the fate of hybrids in contact zones. Dr. Robertson and her students work in the Santa Monica Mountains, the California Channel Islands and the lowland tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. She finds absolute joy while surfing.

About the Panelists:
Dr. Stefanie Drew is a Cognitive Psychologist that specializes in visual perception. Research projects in her Visual Information Sciences & Neuroscience (VISN) Lab currently include 1) examining the use of virtual reality headsets for skill training and reading, 2) investigating the effects of social media such as TikTok on visual attention, 3) examining ocular behaviors associated with ADHD and 4) exploring the impacts of Zoom Fatigue.

Dr. Marquita Gammage is s a professor of media and cultural studies in the Africana Studies Department at CSUN. Her research investigates the impact of media racism on the representations and perceptions of African Americans, and more specifically Black women.

Dr. Jacob Hinkel-Lipsker is an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology. He studies human locomotion and balance control, with emphasis on understanding how sensory processes such as vision influence walking and standing balance with application to rehabilitation, skill training, and sport performance.

Dr. Inga Timmerman teaches finance and financial planning courses. She studies money and why people do not save for retirement. She also runs the financial planning program at CSUN. In case you did not know, we have the 6th best program in the country according to the Wealth Management Magazine and the largest program on the West Coast. When she does not teach, she works with clients on their money attitudes, money dreams and money happiness.