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Peer Mentor Program

The GRAD Center Peer Mentor Program offers training to Graduate Students that are interested in mentoring undergraduate students (freshmen, sophomores, and new transfer students) interested in applying to graduate school. Mentors guide students in exploring possible pathways and campus activities that help prepare students for graduate school, offering workshops, videos, and one-on-one mentoring.

Things you should know before submitting your application

  • A small cohort of students will be selected for this program.  We are aiming to select students from diverse backgrounds, departments, and colleges.
  • This is not a course but is an independent CSUN program offered by the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • The program will take place over the academic year; You will be expected to complete 10 hours of training in the summer, serve as a Peer Mentor for 10 hours in the fall and 10 hours in the spring semester. 
  • You will earn $15:50 an hour, and your work will be a combination of one-on-one mentoring, leading workshops, answering emails, and creating multimedia ways to reach students.
  • Mentors MUST be available for training in late August and Early September.  Exact times will be selected based on the availability of mentors. Training is a combination of asynchronous Canvas work and in-person practice.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be:

  • A current graduate student.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Have meet with a faculty member or an advisor on a minimum of two occasions
  • Have attended at least two activities/events at CSUN (including Graduate Studies workshops, guest speakers, club meetings, etc.).
  • Have strong organizational skills
  • Be comfortable speaking in small groups
  • Have experience being proactive in accessing CSUN resources, and demonstrate a commitment to supporting CSUN transfer and freshmen students

Important information about the application process

Only completed applications will be considered. A completed application consists of your application submission and two references.
  • Application
  • Faculty/Staff Reference Survey
    Please send the following link to TWO faculty or staff members you would feel comfortable serving as a reference.  At least one of these must be a faculty member.
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all Peer Mentor positions are filled. The priority deadline is July 1st (we will complete the first round of interviews shortly after July 1st and may select all Peer Mentors during that interview round).

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please email Professor Schumacher at