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Clinton Global Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) seeks to engage the next generation of leaders from college campuses around the world. Each year, CGI U provides training and mentorship to young leaders and entrepreneurs who have ideas on how to address our most pressing challenges in five focal areas (education, environment and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, public health). Training and mentorship is yearlong. The culmination of 2022 is a 1-day virtual meeting that brings together world experts and change-makers with 1,000s of students from around the globe. 

We have not yet announced details for the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) 2022. Information meeting coming Fall 2022. Please contact Dr. Jeanne Robertson if you would like to be updated with program information as it becomes available.

Meet the 2021 CGI U Cohort and read about their projects

Sara Bruene
Graduate Student, Sociology
Title: Migration and Food Insecurities of Central America
Sara committed to reframe the climate-driven food insecurities that displace individuals and recontextualizing migrant experiences in the Dry Corridor of Central America. She will gather 30 in-depth semi-structured interviews with Central American migrants living in Southern California. She will partner with a public Media Group of Southern California to create a film documentary that will provide the historical, social, and environmental background and share their stories to the public. She expects to build awareness of global climate change, by highlighting the global-scale connections between the actions of the most developed countries with the outcomes in the Dry Corridor region. 

Sahara Damon
Undergraduate in Political Science.
Title: Restaurant's for No Food Waste
Sahara is creating an app and program to combat both food waste and hunger in Los Angeles. She will create an app that restaurants in the LA area can use to notify volunteers whether they have extra food that is still good for donation. Volunteers would get the app notification and drive to the restaurant to pick up the food and disperse it to homeless populations at a set drop off spot.

Aymie Guerrero
Graduate Student, Educational Psychology and Counseling
Title: Student-Parent Center
Aymie Guerrero committed to establish the Parent Scholar Center at California State University, Northridge, where Parent Scholars could access resources to help them graduate within four years. This center houses a ‘one-stop shop’ for resources available to Parent Scholars both on campus as well as in the surrounding neighborhoods. Specifically, the center aims to help students locate and access campus resources to alleviate food insecurity (food pantry, WIC, and the pantry in the Women Resource Center) and other barriers to success (free printing and free school supplies) as well as encourage fitness and wellness (Oasis Wellness Center and Student Recreation Center). We also provide information of important off-campus resources such as food pantries, WIC offices, and social services. The Student-Parent Center expects to increase the number of student-parents who graduate in four years by supporting their mental and physical health and alleviating the anxiety and stress of navigating and acquiring essential resources.


Esther Ramirios
Graduate Student,Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Title: Mom, Dad Go to School Too: Parent Scholar Policy Data
Esther will develop and implement an institutional framework for assessing the needs of parent scholars and parent scholars of color at CSUN. This will provide a stronger data infrastructure for underserved students. She will develop a new parent-scholar survey (or embed new questions into an existing data collection instrument) and lead a parent collective group of students to work on an autobiographical "product" that describes their experiences at CSUN. The goal is to combine both the survey results and the autobiographical product into a report or presentation and share it with stakeholders on campus to inform their efforts in recruitment, retention, and graduation around parent- parent scholars of color.


Jennifer Rivers
Graduate Student, Masters in Social Work
Title: LGBTQ+ Continuing Education for Healthcare Providers
Jennifer will write legislation for the state of California mandating 2-3 hours of LGBTQIA+ specific continuing education requirements for every healthcare provider to keep their medical licenses current. These requirements would need to be fulfilled every two years.


Miriam Sanchez and Ryan Skaggs - TEAM
Sanchez: Graduate Student, Tseng College, Public Health
Skaggs: Graduate Student, Tseng College, Public Health
Title: Community Connections
Community Connections is a Sacramento-based 501c3 non-profit formed after receiving seed funding as part of the Clinton Foundation’s COVID-19 Student Action Fund in June 2020.  They are co-led by CSUN online Master of Public Health students Miriam Sanchez and Ryan Skaggs. Throughout the COVID pandemic, they have been successful mobilizing local students, building a software platform for volunteer collaboration with local non-profits, and supporting social causes including the Asian American and Pacific Islander hate crimes, maternal and child health, senior services, disaster response, and the drive to end homelessness through fundraising, advocacy, and volunteer recruitment. They are thrilled to continue their partnership with the Clinton Foundation through participation in the CGI U 2021 cohort.

What Is Happening Now!

CGI U  application for the 2022 cohort will open in late Fall 2021.

It’s not too late - please contact Dr. Jeanne Robertson ( for more information, to talk about your ideas and/or to work on your application.”

Who is it for?

The CGI U network includes undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to actionable change - you would join a growing, global community of young leaders. Through its Commitment to Action model, CGI U challenges you to develop, test, and implement your ideas at local, regional or global scales.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, in good standing at CSUN and enrolled for Spring 2022.

Responsibilities and Program Opportunities

Mentoring: all CGI U students are assigned a mentor who will help guide you as you work to implement your CTA. Mentors have academic or professional expertise in your area.

Training: All accepted CGI U students are expected to be available for the entirety of the scheduled dates of the four online modules. Accepted students are required to attend and fully participate in all online module activities. The average time commitment is 3 hours per module.

Information Workshop

Previous Information Workshop Recording and PDF

Zoom information session October 2021

Information session PDF October 2021

Application Process

Before you apply, please contact Dr. Jeanne Robertson, the CSUN faculty mentor for CGI U.

Please use the application preview to draft your responses before you begin the application. 

Each person may only submit one application. If you are applying as a group, the group leader must complete his or her application first and select 'Group' as the application type in Section I to provide details about group members. Groups can consist of up to CSUN students, each of whom should submit an application. It is possible that not all group members are invited to participate. We reserve the right to not invite all members of each group that applies. If your group has more than three students, we ask that you select the three students who can best represent your project to apply.

Click Here to apply to CGI U 

Deadline Information

Application Deadline: January 21, 2022

Review and Selection: TBD (the Review/Selection process will begin February 2022)

Admissions: TBD (Students will be admitted into the program in February 2022)

Student Orientation: TBD (Orientation will take place in February 2022)