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Top 10 Registration Tips

Top 10 Registration Tips

These "Top 10 Registration Tips" will keep you on the right path to a trouble-free enrollment process each fall and spring semester.

  1. Plan your courses for the upcoming term using the Degree Planning Tools. Make every unit count!
  2. Know when to register, wait list, repeat courses, add with permission numbers, and more with the Registration Calendar.
  3. Clear holds that may prevent you from enrolling in classes, including the Title IX "Not Anymore" hold.
  4. Make an appointment for academic advising with your academic advisor or graduate program coordinator. Run DPR/Planner beforehand to review with your advisor.
  5. Design your schedule. Use Class Search (no login required) to view the Schedule of Classes before enrollment begins, filter courses by category, and find assigned textbooks. Find more ways to search at Before You Register. Helpful: Class Search Guide
  6. Use Registration Planner (login required) early to generate all possible schedules for the classes you selected and save favorites. As your enrollment appointment nears, validate the preferred schedule to check for closed sections, adjust if needed, and send it to your cart. As soon as your appointment arrives, import the schedule to your cart and submit it. Helpful: Registration Planner Guide
  7. Be strategic. Add priority classes first. Wait list for closed classes. Swap classes as a safer way to drop. Continue to add, drop or swap classes, or change the basis of grading online during registration periods. Check with your advisor before changing grading basis. 
  8. Drop classes you no longer want to avoid getting a grade of “WU” (unauthorized withdrawal), which counts as an “F” in GPA calculation. At the same time, be mindful of the Precautions for Reducing Units.
  9. Adjust your schedule if necessary in the first 4 weeks of classes. Enrollments are considered official on the 20th weekday of instruction, so formal approval is required to drop or change grading basis after Week 4. Learn more at Late Schedule Changes.
  10. Check your account balance whenever you add or drop classes. Pay tuition and other fees before the deadlines published in the payment due dates. Helpful: View My Student Account Information Guide and Important Fee Payment Requirements (PDF) and Manage Your Finances.

Additional Resources

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