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Before You Register

The best strategy to prepare for enrolling in classes is to “Plan ahead!”

View the CSUN Schedule of Classes at Class Search. No login is required.

Take these steps to pave the way to registration.

  1. Select the classes you need for the upcoming semester using the Degree Planning Tools. Make every unit count!
  2. Design your preferred class schedule at the times that work for you, even around work hours. Three scheduling tools are at your service:
  3. Schedule an advisement appointment and share your planned schedule with your academic advisor. Your advising center may contact you, so regularly check your CSUN email account. If an advisor doesn’t contact you, be proactive and contact them to schedule an advising appointment.

    Ask your advisor if you need to sign up for an undergraduate Math or Chemistry department exam (may be required to enroll in certain 100- and 200-level MATH and CHEM courses).

  4. Review your CSUN Portal Checklist for any registration holds, which block enrollment, and clear them. Before enrolling in classes, all CSUN students must clear the Title IX “Not Anymore” or “Every Choice” training, the online Title IX interactive video training for sexual misconduct and violence awareness and prevention. For instructions, visit the guide Access Title IX Training.

Now you’re ready to move on to How to Register, where you’ll learn how to add classes and use the self-service registration system, and When to Register, to learn about enrollment appointments and important dates and deadlines.