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 This is a tutorial only. No login is required. 


Holds are “indicators” on your student record that require your attention. Some holds prevent you from enrolling in classes until you clear them. These are called registration holds. To review details for common advisement, financial, immunization and other holds, visit registration holds.

The following registration holds are very important. Select the links for instructions to clear them:

Check for registration holds well before your enrollment appointment each semester. Then clear them! View holds online in two locations:

  • Registration holds only – in My Checklist > Incomplete Tasks
  • All holds - in the SOLAR Student Center

Navigating to these locations is easy. Read on.

Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and open the MyCSUN drop-down menu (upper left corner):

  1. Select the CSUN Portal link.
  2. Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

MyCSUN menu on new home page with CSUN Portal login link

Step 2

  1.  Registration holds are listed in the Incomplete Tasks section of My ChecklistImportant! Only registration holds display in My Checklist. Matty Matador has three registration holds and cannot enroll in classes until academic advisement, Title IX initial training, and COVID vaccine attestation are completed.
  2.  To view all holds and the offices you need to contact to clear them, select the SOLAR Student Center link in the Top Tools section. 
  3. A link to the Student Center is conveniently available in the top navigation under "Student Services" and elsewhere in the CSUN Portal menus.

This student's Incomplete Tasks section shows three registration holds

Step 3

In the SOLAR Student Center, you can view all holds in the Holds box.

If no holds have been placed on your record, the words No Holds display.

In this example, the student has one registration hold that requires action for:

  • Not Anymore...Title 9 (Title IX) Training Required (the national program to prevent sexual misconduct and violence on college campuses).
  • New for Spring 2022 is the COVID-19 Attestation Requirement (CAR) registration hold (not shown here). If you have not attested, you will also see the Vaccination Attestation Status box in myNorthridge Portal on the "Home" tab.

Click the details link in the Holds box.

The Student Centeralso has Academics, Finances, and Personal Info headings. 

Step 4

The Your Holds page displays.

The Item List table displays holds, amount owed if any, institution, term and department initiating the hold. Contact the department listed for assistance.

Click a Hold Item link for more details.

The Hold Item links appear in the first column of the table.

Step 5

The Hold Item page displays the hold you selected along with the reason, term, contact information, and basic instructions to clear the hold.

Click Return to go back to the Hold Items list.

The Hold Item page provides basic instructions to clear the hold.

Step 6

Back at the Hold Item list, select another hold link.

Or, return to the Student Center. From the drop down menu, select Student Center and click the "GO" button.

Be sure to log out.

Location of Student Center drop down and button.