The Hub-International Academic Advisement

Mission Statement 

The Hub-International Academic Advisement Center provides comprehensive support and advisement services to all new F-1 international undergraduate students. Individualized services include early outreach, academic advisement, first-semester enrollment into degree applicable courses, university orientation and second-semester referrals. The foundational services we offer provide students with the tools and resources needed to be academically successful and have a positive transition into CSUN.

New F-1 International Student Academic Advisement Process

All new international students must complete Pre-Enrollment Steps 1-3 below to be enrolled into classes for the first semester. Students are also encouraged to explore the new international student checklist, important dates, and FAQ for more information about important first semester items.

1st Semester Academic Advisement Instructions

 Complete Pre-Enrollment Steps #1-3 to be enrolled into classes for the first semester

Pre-Enrollment Step #1 -Not Anymore- Title IX Training
To maintain a safe environment all CSUN staff and students are required to complete "Not Anymore"(.pdf), an online, violence prevention program.
To complete this training and have the Title IX hold removed please log into your MyNorthridge Student Portal and locate the link for "Not Anymore". If you need extra assistance view the step by step how-to guide here. New international students cannot be enrolled into classes until they complete this training.
Pre-Enrollment Step #2 -Online Pre-Enrollment Workshop
In place of an in-person advisement appointment all new international students are required to complete the Online Pre-Enrollment Workshop . 
The workshop will help new international students understand the pre-enrollment process, first semester policies and procedues, placement exams, and other important first semester academic information.
Pre-Enrollment Step #3 -Response Questionnaire
To inform CSUN that you accept the offer of admission, and be placed into classes, please complete the New International Student Response Form.
The Response Questionnaire informs us of your intent to attend and notifies us of any schedule preference/restrictions you may have. New international students cannot be enrolled into classes until they complete this form. 

Health Insurance Requirement

All international students are required to purchase or submit proof of health insurance.

Health insurance is not included in your tuition. For information about how to purchase and submit proof of health insurance or the health insurance specific coverage requirements visit the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC). Students who do not purchase health insurance by the IESC established deadline will be at risk of being dropped from classes.

International New Student Orientation

All new international students are required to sign up for the New Student Orientation.

Orientation provides useful information about what to expect at CSUN, allows you to tour the campus, and helps you meet fellow international students. Go to NSO International to register. International freshman and transfer students are only required to go to the international orientation scheduled for the Thursday, before school begins. You are not required to go to any other orientation date. 

First-Time International Student Advising Checklist

Spring 2020 First-Time International Student Advising Checklist

Download and print the Spring 2020 First-Time International Student Checklist (.pdf)PDF icon
Welcome to California State University, Northridge! This international student checklist will guide you through the necessary steps toward a successful first semester at CSUN.

1) ACTIVATE YOUR CSUN ACCOUNT. Set up your CSUN account and email as explained in the “Activate Your CSUN Account” email from Admissions and Records which was sent to the email address you provided on your admission application. For help visit the Information Technology Center. Check your CSUN email account regularly!

2) NOT ANYMORE-TITLE IX TRAINING. All students MUST complete the “Not Anymore” training before they can be pre-enrolled in classes. The Not Anymore Training link can be found in your CSUN portal, under "MyChecklist".

3) ONLINE PRE-ENROLLMENT WORKSHOP. All international student MUST complete the Online Pre-Enrollment Workshop in order to be enrolled in classes for the first semester. The workshop will serve as academic advisement for new international students. Meeting with an academic advisor in-person is NOT mandatory for the first semester. However, if students wish to meet with an International Academic Advisor or have academic questions, they can call 818-677-6968 or email to schedule an appointment.

4) RESPONSE QUESTIONNAIRE. All students MUST complete the Response Questionnaire to be enrolled into classes by an academic advisor. The Response Questionnaire should be submitted within 14 days of admission for best placement into classes. Since many international students generally do not arrive in Northridge until one or two weeks prior to start of the semester, and classes can become full if you wait, this practice ensures that students are enrolled into the classes that they need and have at least 12 units to meet their visa requirements


Math: All freshman students need to take the Math Selection Assessment (MSA) to determine the math level they are prepared to take in the first semester. Some transfers may also be recommended to take the exam based on the math course required for their major. Students who need to take the MSA will be enrolled in an online preliminary assessment called ALEKS. Students can practice for the MSA through ALEKS online, then take the CSUN-proctored Math Selection Assessment in January, during the two weeks before classes begin. You will be sent a notification from the MSA instructor if you are required or recommended to take the MSA exam.

English/Writing: Placement into a freshman composition (writing) course will depend on transferable college courses or other external placement exams. There are currently no additional placement exams for English/writing being offered by CSUN. The TOFEL/IELTS exam does not exempt international students from needing to take freshman composition.

 Chemistry: Students in Engineering, Computer Science, Math, Health Sciences, or other science majors may need to take the Chemistry Placement Test (CPT). Students must pass the CPT before enrolling in CHEM 101/101L, if interested in this exam students must register by themselves online. 

Test Exemptions: Some students are exempt from the placement exams based on their transfer coursework or other external placement exams. Students who do not take the placement exams (or do not have exemptions) may be placed into lower level prerequisite courses, which can add semesters to their graduation plan. Consult with an advisor if you are unsure if you are exempt from one or more of the placement exams. 

6) TRANSCRIPTS. Official final transcripts must be mailed, sent electronically, or hand delivered to the International Admissions Office Bayramian Hall, Room 160 by November 15, 2019. This includes high school transcripts (for freshmen and some lower division transfers) and all transcripts from colleges and universities attended.

7) DEGREE PLANNING TOOLS .Review and become familiar with the tools that outline your degree requirements at CSUN.

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) and Planner, can be used to check the placement of your transfer courses into CSUN degree requirement sections and plan out your remaining requirements at CSUN. 
The University Catalog describes every major, all courses CSUN offers, and provides vital information about academic policies and university regulations.
The Degree Road Map  helps you plan and preview your recommended course sequence to complete your degree in 2-4 years. Remember that the Degree Road Map is just a recommendation and may not fit each student the same due to different transfer work and placement exam results. Actual degree planning should be made in consultation with an academic advisor.

8) INTERNATIONAL NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION. New Student Orientation is mandatory! This half day event will welcome you to the university, provide important first semester information, and enable you to meet fellow international students.  New International Student Orientation is January 15th, you are not required to attend any other orientation day. Be aware registration may not be available until late December.

9) TUITION AND FEES. Pay your tuition and other fees on time. Tuition for first semester international students can be paid as soon as you are enrolled in classes, but no later than January 24, 2020. Get details on tuition and fees, payment due dates, installment plans and more at Student Finance.

10) HOLDS. All international transfer students will have an "International Advisement Required" or "V" hold on their account. The advisement hold prevents students from making schedule changes without consulting with an advisor first. This hold will not be removed for the first semester.

The "Foreign" hold is placed by the International & Exchange Student Center (IESC) for proof of health insurance. IESC also requires students to complete their immigration requirements which includes transfer of your sevis record, an online immigration session, and check-in upon arrive with copies of your immigration documents. Please see “Immigration Requirements for Spring 2020 Admits” for details. 

11) HEALTH INSURANCE. International Students are required to have adequate health insurance throughout the duration of their F-1 student status as mandated by the California State University Chancellor's office.  Please review details and instructions for CSUN Health Insurance Requirement. Students will need to purchase or submit proof of health insurance to IESC by January 9, 2020 or preferably within two weeks of enrollment.  Students may risk being dropped from classes if insurance requirement is not met.

12) CSU IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS. All international students must submit proof of immunization to . Proof of immunization required includes the measles (rubella/rubeola) and hepatitis B for students under 18 years of age. For more information, see the Klotz Student Health Center website Immunization Requirements

13) UPPER DIVISION WRITING PROFICIENCY EXAM (UDWPE). If you are transferring to CSUN with at least 60 units, then you are eligible to take the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE). Undergraduate students are encouraged to take the UDWPE as early as possible, but must take the exam no later than the semester in which 75 units will be completed. Students who have not attempted the UDWPE by the completion of 75 units will have a hold placed on their subsequent class registration. 


Spring 2020 weekday classes begin Tuesday, January 21, 2020.
Saturday-only classes and Saturday and Sunday classes begin Saturday, January 18, 2020.
For complete 2019-2020 Academic Calendar, including holidays, click on calendar image to the left.

WITHDRAWAL NOTICE: It is the sole responsibility of the student to notify International Admissions and the International Advisor of your intent to withdraw from classes as soon as possible or within the first THREE WEEKS of the semester. Failure to follow formal withdrawal procedures may result in an obligation to pay fees, the assignment of failing grades, and the need to reapply for admission to CSUN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Class Enrollment

How do I enroll in classes for the first semester?

An advisor will enroll new F-1 international students into courses for their first semester, once Pre-Enrollment Steps #1-3 are complete. Once enrolled students will have the opportunity to review the schedule and request changes. To begin this process please click the drop down box labeled “1st Semester Academic Advisement Instructions”.

What happens if I complete the Pre-Enrollment Steps late?

Students who complete the Pre-Enrollment Steps late may be enrolled into courses that do not meet during their ideal schedule preference and/or may risk important major classes closing. Late is considered July/August for fall and December January for spring. Students who wait until after the semester begins to let us know they plan to attend may have to run for permission numbers to be enrolled into classes.

Can I choose my own classes?

Students are encouraged to review their Degree Progress Report (DPR) and the CSUN catalog to help them understand their degree requirements. Students who would like to select specific classes are welcome to email their course preferences to the academic advisor, who will review them for degree applicability, student eligibility, and course availability. Students may not be eligible for some major courses if they have prerequisite transfer work in progress, require course substitutions, or need to take any placement exams. Additionally, all students should plan to incorporate general education courses into their schedule, including transfer students who must take 9 units of upper division general education at CSUN. 

Am I required to make an academic advisement appointment for the first semester?

It is recommended, but NOT required that students come in for advisement before the start of the semester. We understand that many students are still abroad until at least a week before school starts and may not be able to come in. Completing the mandatory online workshop will serve as advisement. Additionally students may receive advisement via email, phone call, or zoom. To make an appointment please call 818-677-6968 or email

When will my tuition be due once I am enrolled?

Tuition is due no later than the Friday of the first week of classes. You may see an earlier fee due date on your portal, however international students are given extra time to pay during their first semester. For tuition information, please visit Student Finance. If you need a print out of your personal tuition fees please call student finances at 818-677-8000 (choose option #2) or email .

If I drop a class will I receive a refund?

Students are entitled to a refund only if there is a decrease in the number of units in which they are enrolled. Refunds are prorated after the start of the semester up until week 3. More information on refunds can be found on the Student Refund web page.

I have decided to withdraw or defer my admission to a future semester. What do I do?

Students who decide to completely withdraw or defer their admission after enrollment should notify International Admissions and our International Academic Advisement Center as soon as possible, so that we can drop you from classes and so that enrollment fees can be removed from your account.



I have an International Advisement Required hold on my portal. What do I do?

The advisement hold for new international students will stay on for the first semester only. You DO NOT need to get this hold removed. This process is followed so that new international students consult with an academic advisor before adjusting their schedule; this guarantees that students maintain proper enrollment status. The International Advisement hold will be removed when it is time for students to register for the 2nd semester.

I have a Title 9 hold on my portal. What do I do?

To maintain a safe environment, CSUN staff and students are required to complete "Not Anymore" an online, video- based, violence prevention program. Students can complete this course, by clicking the "Not Anymore" link under incomplete task in their checklist. Once you complete the training, your hold should be lifted within 24 hours.

I have a Foreign Hold on my portal. What do I do?

The International & Exchange Student Center (IESC) places the Foreign or “F” hold. To clear the Foreign hold, you must submit proof of health insurance to IESC at Insurance is not included in your tuition. For more information, please visit the IESC website.

I have a Rubeola/Rubella hold on my portal. What do I do?

The Klotz Student Health Center places the Rubeola/Rubella hold. You can submit proof of immunization by emailing or calling 818-677-3666 if you need to schedule an appointment. For more information visit the Student Health Center website.



Am I required to take a math placement exam?

All freshman are required to complete the Math Selection Assessment (MSA). The MSA determines placement into pre-college math up to Calculus I. Students who do not take the MSA or are not exempt via transfer work or an external exams (AP, IB, GCE A-levels, etc.) may be placed into the lowest level math course. Some transfer students may be recommended (but not required) to take the MSA if they need a more advanced math course for their major, than what they transferred in with. Students will be notified by an academic advisor if they are required or recommended to take the MSA, which will be offered during the two weeks before school begins.

Am I required to take a writing/English placement exam?

CSUN currently does not offer a writing/English placement test. Freshman students are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT  to determine placement into freshman writing. Transfer students should transfer in with a freshman writing course. Students who do not transfer in with a writing course or are not exempt via an external exam (AP, IB, GCE, A-levels, etc.) will be placed into the two semester writing sequence. Please note the TOFEL and/or IELTS exam is not a writing placement test.

What is the upper division writing exam and when am I required to take it?

The UDWPE is an exam that all students must attempt by the semester in which they will complete 75 units. For transfer students with 60 or more units, this typically means the first semester. Students who do not attempt the exam in time will have a “WPE” hold placed on their account. Neither the TOFEL, IELTS, nor any other placement exam score can exempt you from the UDWPE. To register and view test dates please visit the Writing Proficiency Exam webpage.



How do I obtain my I-20?

The office of International Admissions distributes the initial I-20, once you transfer your sevis records. For questions regarding your initial I-20 please contact International Admissions.

Who do I contact regarding immigration issues (visa concerns, work request, concurrent enrollment, etc.)

The International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) is responsible for enforcing immigration requirements. Upon arrival to the United States, please make sure to complete the mandatory immigration requirements at IESC 6 steps for Immigration.

My sponsor/embassy/cultural mission requires that I submit a study plan before paying my tuition. How can I obtain a study plan?

You should obtain a Study Plan form (if required) from your sponsor and fill it out to the best of your ability, you can use the Degree Road Maps as a guide to help you plan your courses for graduation. You can then request a letter from Admissions & Records to confirm the accuracy of your plan and add any additional information you may need. To request this letter please fill out the Letter Request Form and submit it (with your study plan if applicable) to International Admissions in Bayramian Hall (BH 160) or email it to Once submitted, the Letter Request process takes approximately 10 business days to complete.



I cannot access myNorthridge Portal/CSUN Gmail Account/Canvas. What do I do?

If you have any technology issues you can chat with CSUN’s Helpdesk, or you can call 818-677-1400. Students can also visit the CSUN Information Technology website for further assistance.


Special Populations

I am a international student athlete. Who do I contact for advisement?

Student athletes should contact their athletic advisor in the Matador Achievement Center.

I am a J-1 international student. Who do I contact for advisement?

J-1 International students should contact the Associate Dean of their major department.

I am a graduate international student. Who do I contact for advisement?

International graduate students should contact the program advisor for their major. To contact your major advisor please find your program on the CSUN Catalog

I am Semester at CSUN (SAC) student. Who do I contact for advisement?

The SAC program is offered through Tseng College’s International Programs and Partnerships (IPP). For questions about the program or assistance with the enrollment process, please call 818-677-5948, email, or visit he SAC Program webpage.


Important Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2019 Important Dates

  • August 22, 2019 – Fall New International Student Orientation
  • August 23, 2019 – 3:00 p.m. Deadline to take the Math Selection Assessment (MSA).  Eligible students already in the U.S. can begin taking the MSA starting August 12th by appointment with the department of Mathematics (818) 677-2231.
  • August 24, 2019 – Saturday only and Friday/Saturday classes begin, students should view specific meeting dates in class search.
  • August 26, 2019 – Fall Semester Weekday classes begin
  • August 30, 2019 – Tuition payment deadline for new International Students
  • August 30, 2019 – Schedule Change Request Deadline by 4:00 p.m.
  • September 2, 2019 – Labor Day, Campus Closed (No instructions on August 31-September 2)
  • September 3-13 , 2019 (Weeks 2&3) – Permission numbers are required to add all classes
  • September 13, 2019 – Last day to request add/drop classes (Friday of Week 3) by 4:00 p.m.
  • October 31, 2019 – International Student Deadline to apply for Spring 2020
  • November 11, 2019 – Veterans’ Day, Campus Closed (No instructions on November 11)
  • November 15, 2019 – Document Deadline for Spring 2020 applications
  • November 28-29 – Thanksgiving Recess, Campus Closed (No instructions on November 28-December 1)
  • December 11, 2019 – Earliest entry date into the U.S. on F-1 Visa
  • December 25, 2019 - January 1, 2020 – Winter Recess, Campus Closed

Spring 2020 Important Dates

  • January 13, 2020 – Deadline to enter the U.S. on F-1 Visa
  • January 15, 2020 – New International Student Orientation
  • January 17, 2020 – 3:00 p.m. Deadline to take the Math Selection Assessment (MSA).  Eligible students already in the U.S. can begin taking the MSA starting January 6th by appointment with the department of Mathematics (818) 677-2231.
  • January 18th – Saturday only and Friday/Saturday classes begin, students should view specific meeting dates in class search. 
  • January 20, 2020 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Campus Closed
  • January 21, 2020 – Spring Semester Weekday Classes begin
  • January 24, 2020 – Tuition payment deadline for new International Students
  • January 24, 2020 – 4:00 p.m.Schedule Change Request Deadline

For additional Academic Calendar dates, please link to Student Academic Calendar 


2nd Semester Academic Advisement Instructions

International students will be able to enroll themselves for the second semester, however before enrolling students need to meet with an academic advisor.

Freshman Students (0-29 units)

First- time freshmen will schedule their 2nd semester advisement appointment with their International Academic Advisor in the Matador Advising Hub. Students will receive a  notification to their CSUN email (ending in with instructions to complete the following workshops through Canvas:
  • CSUN Policies Every Matador Should Know
  • Understanding your Degree Progress Report
At the end of these workshops you will be asked to complete an International Survey. Make sure to submit the survey. Once your survey is received you will receive an email invitation to schedule your appointment using our online system. These emails will be sent out twice per week. Please be sure to check your junk/spam/clutter/folder for this email if you do not see it in your inbox.
To access the International Academic Advisement workshop from here follow these steps:
  1. Visit the International Academic Advisement Workshop in canvas.
  2. Log in using your CSUN user name and password.
  3. Click "enroll in Course" then "Go to your Dashboard" to select the International Academic Advisement Canvas page.

Transfer Students (30-90+ units)

First-time transfers will be asked to attend a Pre-Second Semester Success (PresSSS) workshop during weeks 5-7, which will help prepare them to meet with their major department advisor. Additionally transfer students will receive a notification titled "Spring 2020 2nd Semester Advising and Registration Instructions" which will contain tips for second semester registration and the contact information for each major department advising office. Transfer students are encouraged to meet with their major department advisor as soon as possible starting week 5 and after.
To access the full list of major departments please see below:
Colleges & Advising CentersMajors
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication
Nordhoff Hall (NH) 135
Refer to grid on website.

  • Art
  • CTVA
  • Communication Studies
  • Journalism
  • Music
  • Theatre
David Nazarian College of Business and Economics
Bookstein Hall (BB) 2113

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration (with options in 
  • Business Law, 
  • Global Supply Chain Management, 
  • Real Estate, or 
  • Systems and Operations Management)
Michael D. Eisner College of Education
Education (ED) 1107

  • Deaf Studies

College of Engineering and Computer Science
Jacaranda (JD) 1501

  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Management
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
College of Health and Human Development
Sequoia Hall (SQ) 111

  • Child Development
  • Communicative Disorders
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Health Administration
  • Health Sciences
  • Kinesiology
  • Public Health
  • Recreation & Tourism Management
  • Recreation Therapy
College of Humanities
Jerome Richfield (JR) 240

  • Asian-American Studies
  • Central American Studies
  • Chicano/a Studies
  • English
  • Gender & Women Studies
  • Languages
  • Liberal Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Modern Jewish Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
College of Science and Mathematics
Eucalyptus Hall (EH) 2126

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sierra Hall (SH) 204

  • Africana Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Urban Studies & Planning