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Welcome to the Career Center!

The Career Center at CSUN offers career exploration and advisement along with job-search strategies to students and eligible alumni. By providing guidance on choosing a major and advice on how to make decisions, set goals and plan, the Career Center helps students advance on their career paths.


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Learn more about who you are and who you want to be! Discover your strengths, interests, and values.

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Counseling & Advisement

Our Career Counselors are here to help! Learn to create a plan towards success in college and your career.

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Career Resources

We have a lot of great resources! Learn about CareerLink and Handshake.

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Workplace Connections

We provide you with as many real-world connections to employers! Learn about our events, info-sessions, and programs.

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Workplace Readiness

Unsure of how to write a resume, interview well, or network? Learn about our resources and events to help you gain confidence.

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The Career Center staff can help ensure you stay on course to achieve your career dreams

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Your Career Center has Gone Virtual!

To assist you while the campus responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, our in-person services have shifted to online, virtual, and phone formats to address the campus COVID-19.

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Therefore, the CSUN Career Center is creating alternatives for our upcoming events and other Career Center activities to the extent possible. We will communicate updates throughout our site ( and our social media according to daily changes.

COVID-19 Career QuickTips

CSUN Career Counselor Daniel Levitch teaches you the new greeting.

CSUN Career Counselor Brian Finck teaches you about virtual networking.

CSUN Career Counselor Hector Carrillo teaches you about five things you can do now to get ready for the job market.

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The New Greeting, Virtual Networking, 5 Things to do to get ready for the job market, How to Maximize Your Career Development During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Optimize Job Search on LinkedIn.

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Meet Employers

The CSUN Career Center also has tons of online resources starting from CareerLink, where you can find valuable career information and resources, and Handshake, where you can discover jobs and internships.

Please check Handshake often to find out about upcoming Virtual Company Information Sessions and networking sessions.

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Virtual Alternatives

We have transitioned to virtual career advising and counseling.

If you have a career-related question or would like to set up a career counseling appointment, please email us at . We will respond within two business days.

Employment scams are happening more frequently!

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Do not respond to messages asking for personal information or money.

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Email Scams

Do not open any phishing, scam links, or attachments from unexpected sources.

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Do not provide account information or passwords to senders.

If you are suspicious of an email, forward it to for validation.

For more information on how to recognize scams,

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Matty’s Closet will be closed until further notice.

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Social Media will continue to support our students by providing tips, inspirational words, and other tools for career and life-long learning.

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The CSUN Career Center is here with you throughout these uncertain times!