MataCare Emergency Grant

The MataCare Emergency Grant program is under review.  Additional information will be available mid-October.

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The MataCare Grant exists to help students with unexpected urgent financial needs, including needs related to the disruption of the University due to COVID 19. The MataCare Grant Fund was established through generous contributions from alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of the university who want to assist in removing unanticipated financial roadblocks to student degree completion and well-being. If awarded, you will be asked to submit a thank-you letter to our donors.

To be eligible to receive a MataCare Grant a student must:

  • Be a matriculated CSUN student in good academic standing. Students enrolled through Open University are not eligible.
  • Be enrolled in at least 3 units as an undergraduate; credential; graduate, certificate student
  • Be able to demonstrate an urgent financial need (must provide supporting documentation where appropriate)
  • Be in good conduct and academic standing

Due to limited funds, Spring 2021 awards are prioritized for students who are ineligible for CSUN Cares for Students Grant or CSUN Covid-19 Grant.

Applications must include a statement explaining the emergency that created the emergency need and how the grant will be used as well as documentation that supports the request.  Documentation can include receipts, bills, leases, police reports, pay stubs, letters, news reports, obituaries, etc.  If documentation is unavailable, your statement should explain why there is no documentation. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

The MataCare Grant is not a loan and does not need to be repaid. These grants are meant to address urgent one-time needs not recurring or expected expenses.  Students with ongoing issues should meet with a financial aid counselor to develop long-term solutions. 

The amount of a MataCare Grant depends on the nature of an individual request, documentation provided and the availability of funds; however, the average award amount is $550. If approved, applicants will be notified of the outcome by email and funds will usually be issued the following week.  Sign up for e-refund on your portal to have funds deposited directly into your checking account.

If you have any questions about the MataCare Grant Program, the process, the application, your situation, please see our FAQ's.

MataCare Grant Application - In addition to the form you must include a typed statement and supporting documentation. 


Option 1
Upload your application using the following link:

Important: Prior to uploading your documents, please make sure to save your documents using your student ID number as the file name.

Option 2
FAX to 1-818-677-6787.

Option 3 - You may mail your documents to:
Financial Aid & Scholarship Department
California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff St.
Northridge, CA 91330-8307

In addition, some of our students are using web services such as, or mobile apps such as Fax Burner and FaxFile to email their applications to our fax machine. These are other options you may use to submit your application online.

All documents submitted will be kept private and will not be shared with any other department or government agency.