International Students


The New Student Orientation (NSO) experience is a required for all entering International students and will occur over the summer leading up till the Fall semester. All new students will partake in the following:

NSO Online - Is a set of comprehensive modules that address university programs, services, and resources available in a virtual and eventual on-campus capacity. You will be able to complete NSO Online at your own pace throughout the month of July.

NSO Live! - Is our way of engaging with you! NSO Leaders will be facilitating small groups through Zoom on a wide set of topics including Student Involvement and Belonging, Academic Success, and Information Technology. These smaller virtual gatherings can assist in answering lingering questions and offer a more individualized opportunity to connect with other CSUN students.  

NSO Resources and Services Fair - As another part of your New Student Orientation experience, you can sign up for the optional virtual NSO Resources and Services Fair, where you can ask questions and interact with representatives across campus via Zoom.

On-Campus Tours - Following COVID-19 safety guidelines, we will be offering optional one-hour on-campus tours to get you familiar with the university. 

Registration will begin late June. All new students will receive emails and postcards signaling they can begin the NSO registration process.  

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NSO Online

The NSO Online platform is the first step in the NSO process and it offers a set of comprehensive modules that address university programs, services, and resources available to you in a virtual and eventual on-campus capacity. Complete this online program at your own pace. 

Resources and Services Fair Week

NSO Resources and Services Fair - Offered on Monday, July 26th - Thursday, July 29th, is an optional event. By registering for the event, you will get the chance to interact with representatives from different departments across campus. The Resources and Services Fair will give you the opportunity to connect with departments like Financial Aid, Admission and Records, University Counseling Services, Associated Students, Klotz Student Health Center, etc., before you begin your first semester at CSUN. 

To register for this optional event please select the link. REGISTER HERE. 

Monday, July 26th 202110 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm
Tuesday, July 27th 202110 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm
Wednesday, July 28th 202110 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm
Thursday, July 29th 202110 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm

NSO Live! Dates

Date for International studentsTimes
Thursday, August 2610am - 2pm & 4pm - 8pm




NSO Live! Tentative Agenda

Morning Session

9:45 amSoft Check-In for Students
10:00 amNSO Live! Begins/ General Welcome
10:15 amPersonal Welcome & Meeting Others
10:30 amStudent Involvement and Belonging
11:15 amAcademic Success
12:00 pmLunch Break
12:30 pmInformation Technology
1:00 pmTAKE 33
2:00 pmNSO Live! Concludes

Evening Session

3:45 pmSoft Check-In for Students
4:00 pmNSO Live! Begins/ General Welcome
4:15 pmPersonal Welcome & Meeting Others
4:30 pmStudent Involvement and Belonging
5:15 pmAcademic Success
6:00 pmDinner Break
6:30 pmInformation Technology
7:00 pmTAKE 33
8:00 pmNSO Live! Concludes

NSO Live! Preparation

  1. Be prepared
    1. Arrive on time
    2. Bring a Pen & Paper for notes
    3. Bring a Water Bottle
    4. Show your CSUN Pride by wearing your CSUN gear!
  2. Be aware of your audio and video settings
    1. Make sure you have internet access
    2. Become familiar with your laptop and its settings in case of a technical issue
    3. Make sure your sound and camera is operable
    4. Be aware that when you log onto zoom, attendees will be able to see and hear you 
  3. Tips for the best look!
    1. Good lighting (The light should be in front and facing you!)
    2. Correct angle to show your whole face
    3. Have a clean and clear virtual background
  4. Try your best to eliminate any distractions
    1. Notify others in your home that you will be on zoom for a specified amount of time
    2. Have a clean space prepared
    3. Don’t have any inappropriate images or obscure room decor visible
  5. Show us who you are by listing your pronouns (Optional)
    1. Pronouns: How you choose to identify yourself or how you wish to be addressed as an individual   
    2. Why do we do this?
      1. We want to be as inclusive and respectful as possible. As people transition into their college years as their most authentic selves it is important that we not only respect each others differences but address each other as we wish to be represented. To clarify this section is optional and NOT mandatory.
      2. Example: Ciana (She / Her / Hers) or Rave (He / Him/ Hers) or Charlie (Them / Their / Thiers)
  6. Private Messages are NOT private
    1. The host can see private messages
    2. Be mindful of who you’re speaking with and what you’re saying

Orientation Essentials

We look forward to seeing you at your New Student Orientation. Here are some essential tips and reminders:

  • Mandatory Information- Orientation information is mandatory and you are expected to participate in the full program.
  • Cost to attend
    • A mandatory fee of $55.00 dollars will be automatically billed to your student account
  • User ID - There will be time for you to register for the Student Recreation Center (SRC) after the Orientation, which will require you to have your User ID (also referred to you as your "Moodle login").
  • F-1 Freshman & Transfer Students (Undergraduate Level who wish to obtain a Bachelor Degree):  An academic advisor from Undergraduate Studies will be speaking with you and can perhaps answer general questions on class scheduling.  F-
  • F-1 Graduate Students (Graduate Level who wish to obtain a Masters or Doctoral Degree): Graduate Students may attend NSO coordinated out of our office; however, there is also a “New Graduate Student Orientation” program provided through the office of Research and Graduate Studies.  For more information on that event please click here.  
  • F-1 Academic Advisement - Be sure to see an academic advisor if possible BEFORE your New Student Orientation to help you with class selection if possible. 
    • If you are in the United States, you are encouraged to schedule a meeting with one of the International Academic Advisors in the Office of Undergraduate Studies by calling 818-677-2969 or emailing ugs.intladvisor@csun.edu.
    • Bring your unofficial transcripts for all courses taken at a community college or another four-year university to your advisement meeting.
    • Students outside of the U.S. and arriving on July 23 or later, are also encouraged to emailugs.intladvisor@csun.edu for questions.
  • Schedule of Classes - It may be helpful for you to bring your schedule of classes with you as you'll have an opportunity to identify buildings with your Orientation leader.
  • Orientation Payment— The mandatory non-refundable $55.00 fee issued for Orientation should be paid as soon as possible. This fee could be paid through the "My Checklist" portion of your student portal or by visiting Cash Services, which is located in the first floor of Bayramian Hall. This is a separate fee from tuition and cannot be paid with money awarded by Financial Aid. If you have any questions regarding the Orientation fee, please contact University Cash Services (818) 677-8000 or university_cash_services@csun.edu.
  • Contact the orientation staff at orientation@csun.edu or call us at (818) 677-4100 and ask to speak to someone regarding Orientation should you have any questions or concerns.

NSO Components and Student Learning Outcomes

Hello new matador! We are currently in the process of finalizing your 2021 New Student Orientation experience. Please, refer back to this website in April to get all the details.


General Resources:

International Student Handbook 

International Student Handbook



Please visit our FAQs page to better prepare you for your orientation experience. 

On-Campus Tours (In-Person)

This is about a 45-minute experience with student leaders to introduce you to your new campus. Fall 2020 and Fall 2021 students may register for the optional supplement now; please ONLY select ONE time and day as it is first come and first serve basis. To officially sign up for a tour, you can select the "On-Campus Tours Sign Up" button below and use the event password: FALL2021TOUR

Our office does appreciate your patience and flexibility as we accommodate all incoming students to the best of our ability. 



If you have any further questions, please contact the New Student Orientation staff at (818) 677-4100 or via email at newstudentorientation@csun.edu. You may also review the FAQs page for any questions you may have.

If you have any questions about your immigration status please contact your International Student Advisor at the International and Exchange Student Center at: (818) 677-3053.

Disclaimer: The New Student Orientation website contains information authorized and available at the time of publication. Its content, including dates and fee amounts, is subject to change without prior notice or obligation.

In the interest of everyone's well-being and consistent with the goal of reducing opportunities for exposure to COVID-19, all in-person events offered through the Office of Student Involvement & Development are cancelled until further notice. The department will continue to operate virtually and you can learn more about those opportunities by visiting the websites for The Matador Involvement Center (Leadership, Clubs & Organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Volunteer Programs, The Food Pantry, and Cal Fresh), Commencement & Honors ConvocationNew Student Orientation (NSO)Discover Inquire, & Grow in Los Angeles, and the CSUN Mentorship Program.  

You can find more information about COVID-19 campus planning, preparedness and prevention at csun.edu/COVID-19.