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Incoming Freshmen

Hello and Congratulations, future Matador Freshmen!

We at the Matador Advising Hub ("the Hub") are here to assist you. By seeking out this page, we know how motivated you are to start the process. This page is meant to outline how to get started with enrolling for your first semester as an incoming freshman. Please continue below for instructions on advisement and first semester enrollment.

Best wishes – from the Hub

We welcome our Fall 2023 incoming students like Zia and Sara.

New Fall 2024 students registered with CSUN’s Disabilities Resources and Educational Services (DRES) and/or the National Center on Deafness (NCOD), please contact The Hub at 818-677-2900 or Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

For all other students, please note the Advising/Registration Workshops require a reservation. Please complete the following pre-enrollment steps to become eligible to schedule your advisement appointment.

Who Do We Advise?

Most first-year freshmen receive advising, support and enrollment assistance from the Matador Advising Hub with the exception of: 

Please be sure to contact the appropriate advising office. If you are still unsure about which advisement office applies to you, please visit the Academic Advising site.

If you are an incoming undergraduate (F-1 Visa) international student, please visit the Hub International Advisement page.

Enrollment Phase I

Step #1- The Intent to Enroll

Once you receive your admission letter from CSUN’s Admission & Records, please follow their instruction to submit the Intent to Enroll.

Step #2- Not Anymore - Title IX Training

To maintain a safe environment CSUN staff and students are required to complete "Not Anymore", an online, violence prevention program. To complete this training and have the Title IX hold removed please log into your CSUN Portal and locate the link for “Not Anymore". If you need extra assistance, view the step-by-step how-to guide.

Step #3- The Hub Questionnaire

Please complete and submit the Hub Questionnaire. The Hub Questionnaire will help us gather information about your academic history.

Enrollment Phase II

Once Enrollment Phase I (Steps 1 through 3) has been completed you will receive an email invitation to schedule your advisement workshop date using our online appointment-making system.

The email invitation will be sent to the students’ CSUN email account. Please check your Spam/Clutter/Junk email folder in case the invitation was sent to one of those folders by your email setting.

Enrollment Phase III

Enrollment Phase III is the actual registration of classes on the day of your confirmed virtual or on-campus group workshop appointment. Reminder, the Advising/Registration workshops require a reservation.

Additional Resources For Incoming Freshmen

First Time Freshman Checklist

Second Semester Advisement

First-time freshmen for Fall 2024 will be advised on an individual basis. Appointments will be available in late September. Exact dates will be coming soon. Please check Second-Semester Freshmen page for more information.

Important Dates and Deadlines


Fall 2024 Instructional Days

Saturday-only and Friday-Saturday classes begin

Saturday, Aug. 24, 2024

Sunday-only classes begin

Sunday, Aug. 25

Weekday classes begin 

Monday, Aug. 26

Labor Day holiday weekend — no instruction

Saturday through Monday, Aug. 31 to Sept. 2

Veterans Day holiday observed  no instruction

Saturday through Monday, Nov. 9 to 11

Thanksgiving Recess  no instruction

Thursday through Sunday, Nov. 28 to Dec. 1

Last day of formal instruction

Tuesday, Dec. 10

Final examinations

Wednesday through Tuesday, Dec. 11 to 17

Grades available through myNorthridge Portal starting

Wednesday, Dec. 11 (updated nightly thereafter)

Last day of Fall 2024 semester

Monday, Dec. 23

Handouts & Resources

Events for New Freshmen

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is academic advisement and why is it required for my first year?

The process of academic advisement is a relationship that is created between students and Academic Advisors to guide students in exploring coursework in general education and their major. Advisors are professionals that also help connect students to campus resources, explain university policies, and support student success through various activities. Students are required to meet with advisors for at least their first two semesters to provide guidance on transitioning to college and to ensure that students are enrolling in appropriate course choices.

2. How can I schedule my advisement for Fall 2024?  

First-time Freshmen who have declared their Intent to Enroll must complete the Hub Questionnaire and the Title 9 “Not Anymore” Initial Training. Then, students will be sent an invitation to their CSUN email to schedule their advisement workshop. Workshop invitation emails are sent on a rolling basis as students complete their pre-enrollment requirements.

The workshops for Fall 2024 will be mainly offered on campus and some virtually through Zoom. Please be sure to check your CSUN email account (ending with for important messages, including the link to sign up for a freshman workshop.

3. I need help activating my CSUN email account. What should I do?

Please visit Information Technology (IT) or email for detailed instructions on how to activate your CSUN email account. Be sure to check your CSUN email account regularly for important deadlines and information.

4. Should I still do the Title 9 “Not Anymore” Initial training even if I am uncertain of attending CSUN? 

Even if you are uncertain if you will be attending CSUN for Fall 2024, it is strongly encouraged for you to complete all pre-enrollment steps, including the Title 9 training. Once you decide you will attend CSUN, students cannot sign up for an advisement workshop without completing all pre-enrollment requirements and will be delayed until they do. Plus, the training contains very important information on safely and preventing harassment.

5. How do I submit Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and/or transcripts?

To submit official high school or college transcripts, please see the “I have been admitted” website. You may submit your transcripts electronically or on paper.

For AP test scores, you may download a PDF copy of the Student Score Report from the CollegeBoard account. Students may then email that report to Please provide your name and CSUN ID number in the email.

6. When will I be able to enroll in my Fall 2024 classes?

The Fall 2024 registration period for First Time Freshman begins in June 2024 and throughout the summer. The process of signing up for group advisement workshops is first come, first serve – the sooner a student completes their pre-enrollment steps and checks their CSUN email for the invitation, the sooner they can schedule an advisement workshop to register for classes.

7. I am an incoming EOP freshman. Who do I contact regarding my advisement and enrollment?

All incoming EOP-admitted freshmen are served by the Student Services Center/EOP Satellite housed in their respective academic college. Exploratory EOP freshmen are served by the Advising Resource Center/EOP.

8. I am participating in the Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)-Freshmen Option. Who do I contact regarding my advisement and enrollment?

Students participating in the ITEP-Freshman Option are served by the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies located in EA 100. ITEP-Freshman Option is for students interested in an integrated 4-year BA+Credential program. If interested in ITEP-Freshman Option, contact for eligibility and advisement information. Students majoring in all other options of Liberal Studies are served by the Matador Advising Hub throughout their first year at CSUN.

9. I have registered for support services with Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES). How do I schedule my advisement for Fall 2024?

Students registered for support services must complete all four pre-enrollment steps as outlined on this site. If preferred, students who have registered with DRES may attend an advisement workshop or meet with an advisor individually. If an individual advisement is preferred, please call us at (818) 677-2900 to make a request. If you should need accommodations for your appointment, please let us know ahead of the appointment. If you require a sign language interpreter, please contact NCOD: Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services at least 5 business days in advance: Telephone: (818) 677-2054; Videophone: (818) 435-3887; . 

10. I have been recruited and accepted as an NCAA sport student athlete.  Who do I contact for academic advisement?

Student athletes are advised by the Matador Achievement Center (MAC). Please visit the MAC's Athletic Academic Advising page to find the name of your advisor.

11. What should I do to prepare for my advisement session?

Since academic advisement is a relationship between students and academic advisors, both Advisors and students should prepare for the workshop. The Matador Advising Hub Advisors will prepare materials that will guide students through registering for their first semester. Students are encouraged to explore information on the Hub website, the various general education courses that students may take or learn more about their majors through the CSUN catalog. Students may prepare tentative class schedules, remembering that these are practice schedules and the advisors will explain courses that would be appropriate for each student based upon eligibility and what is necessary for their degree.

Students will be starting to take charge of their academic career and should be prepared to ask questions and take notes. Students should be able to update advisors if they have any new passing AP or IB scores, or any college transcripts that need to be submitted.

Please review the Zoom Video and Web Conferencing website to learn more about your CSUN Zoom account and how to use it.

12. What should I expect for my first advisement workshop appointment?

The group advising workshops are being offered mainly on campus with few options virtually through Zoom. When you schedule your workshop, you will choose the day, time, and mode based upon what is available. During the workshop, you can expect to learn introductory information about transitioning to your first semester at CSUN, recommendations on courses to register for and assistance in this process.

13. How long will my first advisement workshop appointment take?

The group workshops have a designated start time and will last at least two hours, sometimes up to two and a half hours. Please make sure that you plan accordingly to show up early and stay for the entire appointment. Students who leave early may not be able to complete their registration requirements.

14. Can I change my major before the Fall semester starts? 

The advisement workshops are for students only. Students can request to change their majors through the myNorthridge student portal. Students may use the How to Guide as a reference on how to complete the process. While not every request is guaranteed, students who request to change to a non-impacted major would likely see the change reflected through their myNorthridge portal within 5-7 business days. Students who request to change to an impacted major would need to have been initially eligible for that major, and if approved will also see the change reflected through their myNorthridge portal. For more information on impacted majors, please visit the Freshman Impaction Information page.

15. Will I be asked to reschedule my advisement session if I do not arrive on time?

It is expected that students will arrive early to ensure that they are ready for the appointment to start at its designated time. Important information is shared during the workshop and we don’t want students to miss any portion of the information. Students who arrive late may be asked to reschedule.

16. Who can I talk with if my Financial Aid award is still pending or I still need to submit documents?

Financial Aid counselors answer questions in person, via email and over the phone. They are located in the first-floor lobby of Bayramian Hall and have lobby hours of Monday-Friday 10am-4pm. Their regular business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. You may email them at For additional information, visit the Financial Aid Basics page.

17. Can I bring a guest or family member to attend the advisement/registration session?

The advisement workshops are for students only. To respect every student’s academic privacy and due to limited seating, only CSUN students with a confirmed reservation will be permitted to attend the advisement/registration sessions.

18. I have registered for my Fall 2024 classes but was disenrolled due to non-payment of tuition and fees. What should I do now?

Please email the Hub Academic Advisor who led your group advisement workshop. If you cannot remember their email address please find their name on the Hub Staff webpage and email the asking for your Advisor’s assistance. Please know that while the Hub will assist you in enrolling in classes again, you may not be able to enroll in exactly the same courses or times.