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The CSUN Experience Lives Here

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) residential hall life serves as the gateway to maximizing the student experience. There’s no better way to immerse yourself into life at CSUN than by living and eating with your fellow Matadors.

Convenience, safety, academic assistance and constant support are qualities that make living at CSUN a great choice. Residents are supported with the resources they need to foster respectful and responsible living in a learning environment.

Our goal is to meet the needs of a diverse residential community of freshmen, continuing students, graduate students and students with families, all within the confines of convenient, comfortable, inclusive and safe student housing facilities.

On-Campus Housing Options

Living Learning Communities (LLC)

If you'd like to live in a community made up of students with similar academic interests, consider living in one of our seven LLCs: First-Year Experience, Engineering & Computer Science, Cinema Television Arts, Honors, Lighthouse, Music, or Health and Wellness Studies.

Designed to be highly collaborative communities, residents help drive their living environments by establishing goals, setting priorities and planning activities aimed at supporting the academic and personal growth of fellow residents, all with the help of a resident advisor in the same field.

If you are interested in one of the LLCs, you can apply on your housing application.

Themed Living Communities (TLC)

Residents living in TLCs are not required to be in a specific major or academic program. Instead, they simply unite within a special themed community of interest. At CSUN, there are three unique TLCs: Cross-Cultural, Sophomore and Transfer Student Experience, and Living Above the Influence. Similar to the environment of LLCs, if you live in a TLC, you'll establish goals, set priorities and plan activities as a community.

If you are interested in a TLC, you can apply on your housing application.


The Suites at University Park offer comfortable living in furnished, two-person bedroom, semi-private bath suites. Each group of 16 suites has its own hub of living and study lounges. Additionally, you can enjoy meals at G'mo’s and recreational activities in the community center.


The Apartments at University Park provide another approach to campus living. Comfortable, modern and within walking or biking distance of campus classrooms and libraries, The Apartments at University Park are a popular choice among new and continuing students.

Family Housing

The Apartments at University Village, located at the north end of campus in a park-like setting, offer comfortable one and two-bedroom (unfurnished) apartments for students with families.

Each apartment features direct access from the outside, eliminating noisy hallways. Each kitchen includes a refrigerator, oven, range and garbage disposal. One-bedroom units feature a dining bar, while two-bedroom units have separate dining areas. All bedrooms contain easily-accessible, large closets with separate space for linens.

Living on Campus in 2022-2023

Visit online to stay up to date on the Student Housing Application Process 2022-2023.

Campus Dining Options

Welcome to Matador Eats

The Matador Eats philosophy goes beyond the plate. It is rooted in creating a healthy environment in which students, faculty and staff can grow, learn and succeed as members of the greater Matador community.

Meal Plan Options

With a student body comprised of students living both on and off campus, CSUN offers specific meal plan options to accommodate both sets of students.

Where to Eat on Campus

It’s often said, “variety is the spice of life.” It definitely holds true for campus dining at CSUN.

You can enjoy on-campus restaurants like Shake Smart, Burger King, Subway, Panda Express, Juice It Up and El Pollo Loco, as well as CSUN-specific options such as Matador Mercado (at University Student Union, Campus Store Complex & Housing), Freudian Sip (at Sierra Center and Arbor Court), Bamboo Terrace, Arbor Grill and the famous G’mo’s.

For students with food allergies and special diet needs, Matador Eats has you covered. You can find more information on special diets online.

The Matador Eats website keeps students in the know with up-to-date information about campus dining locations, hours of operation and menu and nutritional information. Students looking to pick up a quick bite on the way to class can even place a mobile pick-up order.

Your Question, Answered

Visit Matador Eats FAQ for answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions.

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