Family Housing

The college years are a time of growth, of special moments mixed with the hard work and rewards of an education. These years take on a new significance when you're raising a family while going to school. California State University, Northridge has the perfect place to call home during your college years: the Apartments at University Village. Located in a park-like setting at the north end of campus, these unfurnished one- and two-bedroom apartments offer convenience, comfort and peace of mind.

The Village Apartments are a complex of one- and two-bedroom apartments at the north end of the campus, in the block surrounded by Lassen Street, Zelzah Avenue, Devonshire Street and Lindley Avenue. The complex includes 66 one-bedroom and 48 two-bedroom units, each with one bath.

The Village Apartments come with the following features:

  • Unfurnished one- and two-bedroom units
  • Gated grounds
  • Private patios on the lower units and a decks on the upper units
  • Communal pool, children's playground and recreation room
  • Easy walking or biking to campus
  • Nearby shops, restaurants and entertainment

Each apartment features direct access from the outside, eliminating the need for noisy hallways. Kitchens are equipped with a refrigerator, range and garbage disposal. One-bedroom apartments feature a dining bar while two-bedroom units have a separate dining area. Bedrooms contain easily accessible, large closets and there is a separate linen closet in each unit. All apartments come unfurnished. Carpeting and window coverings are provided.



To be eligible for rental housing in the Apartments at University Village, the licensee must be a current student, faculty or staff at California State University, Northridge who meets the following criteria.


The licensee is defined as any individual who signs the license agreement as the licensee and is therefore responsible for all terms and conditions contained within that license agreement.

  1. CSUN student residents must fulfill both of the following requirements listed below:
    1. Be enrolled at CSUN as a full-time, matriculated student in CSUN-only classes that carry units that transfer to a student’s transcript. Eligibility is further defined as:
      1. Undergraduate students must be continuously enrolled in 12 or more units.
      2. Graduate students must be continuously enrolled in eight or more units.
    2. Meet one of the following criteria:
      1. Over 18 years of age with legal custody of dependent children—verified by tax and/or court documents
      2. Married and living with spouse
    3. CSUN faculty must maintain a full-time status as an employee of the university.
    4. CSUN staff must maintain a full-time status as an employee of the university.


Individuals must meet the following criteria to occupy the apartment with the licensee and be defined as co-occupants:

  • Married to the licensee
  • A dependent of the licensee in which the licensee serves as the legally defined guardian—verified by tax and/or court documents
  • A non-ambulatory and/or infirm immediate family member of the licensee—verified by written notification from a medical professional

Exceptions to the above rules will be made only under the most extraordinary of circumstances as determined by the Student Housing director.

No pets are allowed.

Housing Rates

We have detailed information on our Housing Rates page. You can choose to either make a full payment for the semester, summer session or make monthly installments. If you have further questions about rates, email us at housing@csun.edu or call (818) 677-2160.

Please note that residents of the Apartments at University Village are responsible for their own utilities, including gas, electricity, cable and phone. A CSUN parking permit is required at all times in the housing and main parking lots

Floor Plans

The Apartments at University Village: One bedroom floor plan 

One Bedroom Floor Plan

The Apartments at University Village: Two bedroom floor plan 

Two Bedroom Floor Plan

What to Bring

When deciding what you should bring with you when attending CSUN, refer to the following for items to add to your checklist.

  1. Furniture
    • Bed(s)
    • Dresser(s)
    • Nightstand(s)
    • Couch
    • Arm chair
    • Stools for dining bar (for one-bedroom apartments)
    • Dining table and chairs (for two-bedroom apartments)
    • Coffee table
    • End table
    • Lamps
  2. Bedding, towels and other bed and bath linens
  3. Kitchen supplies
    • Pots
    • Pans
    • Dishes
    • Silverware
    • Glasses
    • Microwave
  4. Cleaning supplies
    • Broom
    • Mop
    • Toilet plunger
    • Non-abrasive cleaner
    • Soap
    • Laundry detergent
    • Ironing board
    • Vacuum
    • Trash containers
    • Trash bags
  5. Clothing and personal items
  6. Recreational items
    • Computer
    • Stereo
    • Television
    • Sports equipment
    • Bike

We strongly encourage all residents to maintain personal property insurance such as renter’s insurance. You can obtain a renter’s insurance policy from most major insurance companies.

The following items are not permitted:

  • Pets other than small fish
  • Clothes washers or dryers. Credit card washers and dryers are located on the first floor of each hall.
  • Waterbeds
  • Pianos, organs, drum sets or other large musical instruments. The Department of Music has practice rooms available to students.
  • Firearms, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, dangerous or flammable chemicals, paintball guns or weapons including swords, bow and arrows.
  • Halogen lamps

One Bedroom Photo Gallery

Family Housing - Living Room   Family Housing - Kitchen

Family Housing - Layout   Family Housing - Bedroom

Family Housing - Playground   Family Housing - Playground

For TV services in the Apartments at University Village, visit the Cable Television section on the Living in Housing page. For questions regarding your service, call (818) 232-5622.