Student Research

Depending upon your academic degree program and College in which you're enrolled at CSUN, you may have the opportunity to participate in student research. While many students think of research opportunities as only being available for science-related majors, CSUN offers student research opportunities across a variety of academic disciplines.

Benefits of Doing Student Research

Among the benefits of participating in student research:

  • Receive academic credit for approved research programs
  • Gain meaningful professional expertise in your career field
  • Develop and learn how to apply critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Grow your resume and professional profile with unique experiences
  • Build lasting relationships and mentorships with faculty and staff

Finding Research Opportunities

The best place to start your quest for a student research opportunity is with your respective academic College or department. While information on some research programs may be found on your program's web page, not all research opportunities are published online.

Another great way to discover possibilities is by speaking with faculty members conducting research on campus. Developing strong relationships with faculty and expressing your interest in contributing to their research is an excellent way to meet new faculty and show that you're taking initiative.

In addition to looking within your academic program, you can search for student research positions through student organizations and campus-based resources.

Student Research Programs

The list below (non-exhaustive) provides examples of different research programs and campus departments offering student research experiences:

STEM Transfer and Research Training (START)

BUILD PODER - Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) Promoting Opportunities for Diversity in Education and Research (PODER)


College of Math & Science

Student Art Work - Examples of student art work across a variety of mediums

To learn more about student research possibilities related to your major and career path, visit the web pages of our eight academic Colleges at CSUN.

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