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Inquiring Minds

Ever wonder how you can help improve the health of the ocean? How our binary brains process the faces of multiracial people? How biomedical research can improve social justice in your community? At CSUN you can take part in addressing some of the world's biggest challenges.

Did You Know?

$35 million

CSUN receives around $35 million annually in research funding from over 210 awards each year.

$3 million

NASA awarded CSUN a $3 million grant to create the NASA Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (Science, Technology and engineering, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Humanities and Mathematics).

$41 million

The National Institutes of Health gave grants totaling $41 million over 10 years, for BUILD PODER, a program aimed at increasing the number of traditionally underrepresented students in the biomedical fields.

Explore Research at CSUN

a CSUN student using a dropper in a chemistry lab

Student Research

From growing your resume and professional profile to building mentorships with faculty, the benefits of student research are many. At CSUN, research opportunities for students stretch across all disciplines, so come explore the many possibilities.

two CSUN students reviewing notes

Centers & Institutes

CSUN's centers and institutes provide the places and spaces for connection and collaboration between students, faculty and scholars. Many centers and institutes have opportunities for partnerships with the broader community as well as offering important services and programs to members of the community.

community members using singing bowls in a wellness circle

Community-Engaged Research

At CSUN, research doesn’t just happen in labs on campus. We’re out in our communities, partnering with innovative public and private sector organizations— from local nonprofits to NASA!

CSUN alumna Mina Alikani

To eventually end up in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) field was really quite amazing. When I think back to how I found my way into this field, being at CSUN in the laboratory was clearly instrumental to my career path.

Alumna Mina Alikani '83 (Biology), M.Sc.

Stephen B. Oppenheimer, Ph.D.

All students, not just the high achievers, should be encouraged to do precollege science research, as by the time they reach college they often have decided on careers. The United States needs more research scientists, so we should encourage many more students to fall in love with science.

Steven B. Oppenheimer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biology

Dr. Nhut Tan Ho

We are going to create a center that will involve faculty and students from multiple disciplines who will be researching all aspects of what is means to create increasingly autonomous vehicles and then introduce them to society.

Dr. Nhut Tan Ho, Founding Director of the NASA Autonomy Research Center for STE…

Dr. Maria Elena Zavala, Professor of Biology

Research & Sponsored Programs

The Research and Sponsored Programs office (RSP) manages all grants and contracted programs for the University, and all topics related to research integrity. RSP provides numerous resources to support research and has administrative oversight of CSUN Centers and Institutes.

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