Student Services & Support

Here to Help You Succeed

We want to see you succeed in college and no matter the challenges, we have the support services to see you through your journey.

Do you need extra help with writing composition? Are you experiencing hunger and need assistance? Would you like to connect with others who have served in the military? CSUN's support services will meet your needs and help you get the most from your college experience.

Anayaset Sandino

Here at CSUN, I've had so many resources available to me like tutoring, the writing center that we have here in the library. It made me realize that I was in the right place - that I was in a place that was diverse, that cared about their students, and wasn't as scary as it seemed.

Anayaset Sandino, B.A. Communication Studies, '21

Bellamy Perez

One of the things that makes CSUN a great out of state school is just how big of a community and campus it is. When you come here, there's so many different classes you can take, so many people you can meet and so many things you can get involved in.

Bellamy Perez, Cinema and Television Arts Major

Jonathan Corbie

Student housing really assisted in me being comfortable here at CSUN. My academic mentor at the time was so instrumental in me making friends here on campus. I think the most important part of that college experience is really fitting in and feeling like you're comfortable wherever you are.

Jonathan Corbie, B.A. Commercial & Media Writing, ‘21

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