Memorial Day Observance


Quick and helpful information, guides, maps and links to help you efficiently navigate housing and the California State University, Northridge campus are readily available. 

  • The Student Handbook is a detailed document with guidelines for all housing types and related issues from maintenance to recreational facilities.
  • The housing calendar marks important dates, such as move-in and move-out days.
  • The photo gallery allows you to take a peek inside housing and its structures. 
  • Numerous safety and security services are in place to protect residents and nonresidents on campus.
  • CSUN maps, parking and links enable students to become familiar with the campus and learn how to get around on foot, via bike or tram.
  • Through fair consequences and sanctions, the judicial process manages repeated, disruptive behavior in the residential communities.
  • Renters may use the Off-Campus Housing Application form to advertise off-campus housing on our website. Students searching for off-campus housing may utilize our Off-Campus Housing search page.

Student Health Portal

Please log in to the student health portal and update your local address and phone number.

Access to the SHC health portal not only allows students to update their local addresses and phone numbers but to also view medical records, update immunization records, and make appointments, just to name a few.

QR code to the student health portal


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