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California Briefing on 25 Years of HSIs

Excelencia in Education,
California State University, Northridge,
The California State University and California Community Colleges


California Briefing on 25 Years of HSIs
in Accelerating Latinx Student Success


Latinx Students at Commencement.

View the event video below to learn more about the research behind the importance of accelerating Latinx student success and the California leaders supporting and growing the opportunities for higher education to intentionally serve Latinx students.

Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) are colleges and universities with a high concentration of Latino students.

Speakers Include:

  • Special Greetings from U.S. Senator Alex Padilla
  • Sarita Brown, Co-Founder and President, Excelencia in Education
  • Deborah Santiago, Co-Founder and CEO, Excelencia in Education
  • Joseph I. Castro, Chancellor, California State University
  • Erika D. Beck, President, California State University, Northridge
  • Eloy Oakley, Chancellor, California Community Colleges
  • Jeff Green, CEO, The Trade Desk
  • Peter Taylor, CSU Trustee and President of the ECMC Foundation

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About Excelencia in Education
Excelencia in Education accelerates Latino student success in higher education by promoting Latino student achievement, conducting analysis to inform educational policies, and advancing institutional practices while collaborating with those committed and ready to meet the mission. Launched in 2004 in the nation’s capital, Excelencia has established a network of results-oriented educators and policymakers to address the U.S. economy’s needs for a highly educated workforce and engaged civic leaders. For more information, visit: https://www.EdExcelencia.org/.