Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Welcome to The Office of Community Engagement!

 Our Vision

The Office of Community Engagement at CSUN integrates meaningful service into our academic experiences through service learning, engaged research and sustained partnerships with our surrounding communities.

Our Mission

The Office of Community Engagement—based on the principles of reciprocity, civic responsibility, and democratic values—seeks to:

 1.        Enrich scholarship and enhance curriculum

2.        Create high impact engagement practices

3.        Sustain reciprocal community and academic partnerships

4.        Prepare educated, engaged citizens

Tell us Your Story!
We want to hear about your community needs, projects, or your ideas for impacting our community.  Tell us about your experience working with the community and how we can help!
Email us at: 

Congratulations to our 2018-19 Faculty Grant recipients!

The office of Community Engagement would like to congratulate the following Grant recipients.

Disciplinary Grant:
Professor Krystal Jo Howard, Professor Barbara Eisenstock,Professor Jennifer Pemberton, Professor Lisa Chaudhari, Professor Monicka Guevara , Professor Yoshie Hanzawa , Professor Matthew Clements , Professor Jessica Baty , Professor Virginia Vandergon

Interdisciplinary Grant:
Professor Barbara Eisenstock, Professor Jessica Baty, Professor  Mirna Sawyer, Professor Nelida Duran

Faculty Engaged Research:
Professor Veronica Becerra, Professor Marie Cartier, Professor Cedric Hackett, Professor Annette Bensnilian, Professor David Boyns, Professor Douglas Kaback, Professor Carrie Pullen, Professor Carmen Saunders

Travel Grant:
Professor Barbara Eisenstock, Professor Marie Cartier, Professor Lisa Chaudhari

 Our 2017-2018 Service Learning Student Scholars

 Interested in law and civic engagement? The JusticeCorps program offers great opportunities in social justice.