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Dean's Welcome

Dean Yan Searcy, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Spring 2022

Greetings CSBS,

Welcome to the Spring 2022 semester! We still have high hopes for the semester despite approaching 22 months with much of our instruction occurring online. The high hopes are reflective of who we are as a College.

We hold onto hope not out of a wistful naivete but based on our knowledge of the natural and social sciences and our knowledge of history. Research reveals that neurophysiologically a mindset of hope is healthy. Our thinking impacts our health. History reveals that the ideas of 19th Century abolitionist Theodore Parker, paraphrased by Dr. Martin Luther King who stated, "The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice," is true. So our hope is not empty, it is an expectation backed by science and history.

It is also backed by my personal experience that there is more positivity and good than there is of negativity and despair. Part of my personal experience is tied to my professional experience at CSUN. I have the honor of working alongside good people. I work alongside those who are dedicated to serving.

Daily I witness the best. I am particular about recognizing the CSBS administrative and program staff whose role responsibilities range from IT to advising, to program management, to finance, to answering phones, to supporting students and faculty, and to fundraising. They are our First Responders. They handle emergencies. They assist. They direct. They plan. They listen. They support. They act.

During this pandemic our administrative and program staff kept us operational. They are the professionals who are the first point of contact to the University and the College. There is a long-standing discussion about who is more important at a university – faculty or students. I submit that without our support staff there is no university. I am thankful for them.

Because of them and because of our faculty I am hopeful about our return to campus in person. I believe that our return to campus is not a return to excellence because that has always been maintained. I believe that our return to campus will be a return to robust relationships and a return to us. I am hopeful that it will be a safe return as we have protocols and supplies in place to keep us safe.

The first three weeks of this semester find us online but Valentine's day marks the return to in-person campus instruction. We remain hopeful about our return because science and history tell us we should be. But more particularly, we remain hopeful because CSBS is filled with the good people who got us to this point and will see us through.

EOP Resilient Scholars Program

SBS Graduate Christina Mota

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