College of HHD

  • students present a poster at the EOH Symposium
  • Nursing students in practice lab
  • csun students and school children enjoying fitness activity
  • CSUN TRENDS student fashion show
  • kinesiology students work on calculations at the whiteboard
  • students at commencement

Welcome to the College of Health and Human Development

Greetings from Dean Farrell J. Webb

Dean Farrell J. WebbWelcome to the College of Health and Human Development. We’re glad you’re here!

Making life better for others is the common element among our disciplines and activities in our nine academic departments and eight community-focused centers. Health and Human Development students, faculty and professionals study well-being through research, education and action.

At the undergraduate and graduate levels, we’re improving environments from the atmosphere at home and in workplaces to the water and air quality of our planet. We’re informing personal and family development; increasing wellness; helping survivors of trauma and injury and aiding in prevention; and discovering opportunities for early intervention. We are improving health and health care and enriching understanding of the roles of nutrition, physical activity and recreation.

If you’re here as a student, we want you to know that we will support you through your degree program with informed efficiency. Advising will keep you on track and open doors to mentorship opportunities as you explore your academic life. Service learning, internships, and community involvement will help you graduate with real-world experience to take with you into your profession.

We want students, families and friends to know we encourage diversity, curiosity, academic development, community engagement, and professionalism. The process of earning an academic degree is transformational, and the faculty, staff and I are excited about the opportunities you’ll find with us.