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Welcome to Human Resources -

Hello! On behalf of over 40 experienced and engaged members of the Office of Human Resources, welcome to the California State University, Northridge Human Resource’s web page.

As a group we are committed to our mission of providing excellent human resource programs and services to support the creation and maintenance of an outstanding teaching and learning environment where all people are valued. We fulfill this mission by creating partnerships with our campus colleagues to develop creative systems to attract, retain, develop and engage a diverse and talented group of staff, administrators and faculty.

As a University, we employ over 4,000 faculty and staff, enroll 36,000 students, and rank 10th in the nation in bachelor degrees awarded to underrepresented students.  While you read these pages you will see that this is a great place to work because of our genuine commitment to people as we incorporate a “culture of caring” into all that we do and in how we do it. 

In our written material and in the people you interact with, you will see that we emphasize: personal competence, professionalism, personal engagement, creativity, personal accountability and the value of diversity in the workforce. If you have trouble finding the information you are looking for within these pages, please contact us or stop by University Hall, Room 165.

Don't forget to check back later this summer when we release the 2014-2015 Personal & Professional Development Catalog, listing all of the training and development opportunities available this coming year.



The New California Minimum Wage

The new California Minimum Wage of $9.00 per hour is effective starting 7/1/2014.

Student Assistant/Work-Study Salary Schedule

Minimum: $9.00 *      Maximum: $17.26

Work-Study information for managers can be found at Financial Aid Basics / Work-Study.

Salary Sub-Ranges

  • Student Assistant I:      $9.00 to $10.50
  • Student Assistant II:     $9.14 to $12.79
  • Student Assistant III:    $10.00 to $15.20
  • Student Assistant IV:   $13.15 to $17.26

Student Assistant I:  Under immediate supervision, performs routine tasks which can be learned relatively easily and require only nominal judgment, analytical, or decision-making skills.  Previous experience, specific education, or specialized skills are not required.

Examples:  Clerical, Data Entry Operator, Mail Clerk, Lab Assistant I, Receptionist, Stockperson, Intramural, Maintenance, etc.

Student Assistant II:  Under general supervision, performs routine and non-routine tasks which require considerable on-the-job training and/or specialized skills.  Frequently jobs at this level require discretion in judgment and decision-making.  Previous experience, education or specialized skills may be required to perform these higher level jobs.

Examples:  Admin Assistant, Peer Counselor Trainee, Shift Supervisor or Lead Trainee, Web Design Assistant, Lab Assistant, Note Taker, etc. 

Student Assistant III:  Under general supervision, performs a variety of skilled tasks requiring previous experience and/or specialized education, or performs work requiring considerable discretion in judgment and decision-making, including responsibility for coordinating the work of a group of lower level student employees.

Examples:  Lead or Shift Supervisor, Program Coordinator, Web Designer, Technology Support, Computer Programming, Research Assistant I, etc.

Student Assistant IV: Under limited supervision, completes highly complex assignments requiring specialized knowledge and previous experience.  The work is normally within the student's course of study at the senior or graduate level and the employee may direct the work of others, consult with others, both on and off campus, and may be responsible for the project/assignment from conception through implementation and evaluation.

Examples:  Program Coordinator, Graduate Admin Assistant, Web Manager, etc.

It is recommended that employees be considered for merit salary increases after six months of regularly scheduled, satisfactory service. Suggested merit salary increases are 2.5%.


* Effective July 1, 2014