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Resources for Michael D. Eisner College of Education Candidates

As you prepare for the upcoming school year, please remember that the Michael D. Eisner College of Education has many free resources that may help you during these challenging times. These include online learning resources for CSUN students; social justice and inclusive activities; and social-emotional wellness exercises. For example: 

  • Our College of Education’s Self-Care website has articles and information about coping with COVID and addressing racism and inequity. New materials are frequently added by faculty and staff:
  • Our Center for Teaching & Learning is putting together an excellent series of webinars to help teachers with the transition to online instruction, including topics such as: teaching to the screen, co-teaching, performance assessment, and more. Check them out on YouTube:   []
  • Our College of Education website has a virtual instruction resources link with numerous online resources at
  • For information for students related to COVID-19, please go to
  • University leadership, emergency operations staff, the Academic Affairs Task Force and other campus partners have dedicated themselves to develop plans for fall that put the health and safety of students, faculty and staff at the forefront of preparations. For more information about coordination of services for fall 2020, please go to the CSUN as One website
  • Strength United provides comprehensive services to include individual, family, couple, child, youth counseling and a variety of support groups to those who have experienced child maltreatment, domestic violence, sexual assault, bullying and or any other crime. These services are also available to loved ones. In addition, our campus care advocates respond specifically to students, faculty and staff. All services are free and can be accessed through our 24/7 support lines: 818-886-0453/661-702-1343
  • Teaching, Learning, & Counseling Consortium offers a variety of virtual services, including literacy tutoring and educational therapy, as well as family webinars and support groups through the Family Focus Resource Center (FFRC). The Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic (MFCC) provides free services to CSUN students, and counseling for families, with and without children with autism:

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