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Northridge Academy High School Partnership

Northridge Academy High School

The joint relationship between Northridge Academy High School (NAHS) and CSUN provides a unique opportunity for the high school and university to develop richer curriculum and expanded learning opportunities for the students on both campuses. Faculty from Northridge Academy regularly meet with their counterpart faculty at Cal State University Northridge to develop and plan curriculum. In addition, students at Northridge Academy have access to a wide variety of Cal State University Northridge resources, including check-out privileges at the CSUN University Library.

The purpose of this partnership is to:

  • Create a school for students in grades ninth through twelfth which will educate students to be productively involved in a highly technical society and encourages active participation.
  • Create a unique learning environment for a culturally diverse population that includes both formal and informal learning and builds an interconnection between classroom experiences and students' view of the work and lifelong learning.
  • Seek the involvement of CSUN, family, community, business and professional organizations to create a comprehensive and integrated system of support for students, a supportive climate to build a heightened sense of discovery and nurture self-esteem.
  • Build an educational partnership in order to create a unique learning atmosphere, which utilizes both the CSUN and the School facilities for the development and education of the School's students.
  • Use the school as a teaching facility for present and future teachers.

To achieve these purposes, NAHS and CSUN faculty meet regularly to discuss curriculum and pedagogy that will advance the mission of the School.

Partnership Highlights