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We at the Michael D. Eisner College of Education value our faculty and staff and consider them to be one of our most important resources. In fact, we believe the success of the college itself is integrally tied to and dependent on our faculty and staff’s professional and personal success. As one of the largest public colleges of education in California, the Michael D. Eisner College of Education has assembled, through the years, an impressive array of ethnically and culturally diversified men and women who represent the communities surrounding our college.

Our faculty continue to be at the cutting edge in their individual fields. They are contributors to peer-reviewed journals and many of them are accomplished authors whose books are used not only in higher education, but also in K-12 schools. Many of our faculty have been quite successful in securing numerous grants from highly acclaimed organizations.

Our staff, who besides supporting their departments, interface on a regular basis with our students and engage in on going professional development to assure that they remain updated in all university processes and systems.