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Become a Mentor

Become a mentor by reconnecting with pre-service educators, counselors and master’s degree students at the Michael D. Eisner College of Education through the Dean’s Mentorship Initiative. Engage with students who are in need of career guidance by:

  • Meeting a student at a convenient location
  • Connecting on the phone
  • Skyping
  • Emailing

Students who are ready to enter the workforce will benefit from the expertise and help of seasoned professionals with experience in educating, administration and counseling. Participate in a program that allows you the flexibility to change the life of a future Eisner College alum on your schedule.


Michael D. Eisner of College Education Fact:

80% of Eisner College graduates work in the local community


For more information regarding becoming a mentor, contact:

Trevor Cole, Student and Young Alumni Coordinator

Phone: (818) 677-2000
Alumni Relations main office: (818) 677-2786